Bullet Journals – not for everyone

I’m a #BuJo Failure!

Bullet Journaling is everywhere these days.  You can find so many beautiful examples of how to use a bullet journal system for every one of your needs:  menu planning, bible studies, goal setting, event planning, editorial calendars and of course to-do lists and scheduling. I’ve seen bullet journal ideas for bloggers, work-at-home moms, Catholics, homeschoolers, business owners and more.

Each example I’ve seen is creative, color coordinated, neat and filled with perfect penmanship.

I have a hard enough time finding A pen when I need one, let alone keeping track of a nice set of colored ones.  That’s probably because it’s just not my priority. I am sure I could easily get an old school pencil case and keep a set there, next to my work space.  But I don’t.  And I won’t.

I’m also just not artistic.  My skills stalled at stick figures.  I have no eye for color, composition or …. whatever else you wonderfully talented artsy types have an eye for!  I have no washi tape skills and penmanship was always my worst grade in school.

We’re just not destined to be, the bullet journal and I.

Besides, I have my Planner Pad.  I confess, my eye has strayed some. I’ve been tempted by the textured paper and the fancy designs.  I’ve looked.  But when it comes down to it, every BuJo example I’ve seen I can approximate in my Planner Pad.  There are plenty of empty pages and spaces for lists.  You can personalize the Planner Pad so it works for you.  You can even make it pretty, use washi tape, colored markers and more.

Breaking News (July 2019):  I’ve moved over to Artful Agenda!  It’s purty.  And a good fit for me. See if it might be a good for you with my detailed review. But if digital just ain’t your thing, be sure to check out How to Choose Your Perfect Paper Planner here.

While I won’t be creating a gorgeous bullet journal, I won’t stop you!  If designing your own extra personalized, beautiful journal inspires you to stay organized and productive, go for it!
A few #BuJo links for aspiring Bullet Journalists!
http://momssmallvictories.com/how-to-bullet-journal-in-a-planner/ – a ton of awesome ideas for using the planner you already have to incorporate some bujo elements
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