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2021 updates:  Planner Pad no longer has a digital version or app. They also moved their sales to Amazon and I do not partner with them for sales, so instead I link you directly to the company for you to learn more.

Sitting down to plan out the upcoming week helps me get centered and ready for what's ahead!
Sitting down to plan out the upcoming week helps me get centered and ready for what’s ahead!

I just can’t say goodbye to my paper planner.  I use Google Calendar to organize my schedule and the kids’ activities.  That is synced with Plan To Eat so I know what I’m cooking.  And Plan To Eat keeps track of my grocery lists.  But for my Day-to-Day To Do lists and weekly planning, Planner Pad has been by my side for years.  They recently introduced an app and electronic version, but I’m still loving the paper planner.  I have varied between the Executive size and the Personal size over the years, depending on my needs, but I always get the dated spiral bound version.  I don’t ever get them personalized, but I do add the monthly dividers, the Day Marker and an Insta-Pocket.  My planners are my brain organizers, but also my records.  I have had to dig them out to find information from past years.  Or go back a few months to remember who I talked to at some company that is now giving me some kind of trouble.

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But mostly, I just love the concept on which they’re based:  list making. I make lists by category: work,

Mine isn't exactly neat, but it keeps me organized. Some weeks are messier and have less white space than others.
Mine isn’t exactly neat, but it keeps me organized. Some weeks are messier and have less white space than others.

work project, homeschool, school, household, upcoming trip, upcoming party, etc.  With my Planner Pad, I make my lists by category. Then I pull from those categorized lists to make my daily to-do list.  Say that under my HOUSEHOLD list I need to make cereal for the next few weeks.  I look at the weekly schedule calendar underneath my lists and see that Tuesday I’ll have a lot of time at home.  So I put that To Do item on Tuesday.  Whatever doesn’t happen on Tuesday or from my categorized list gets carried over to the next day or week.  Some might say, “what a hassle to re-write those items!”. But for me, it’s helpful. If I’m writing the same To Do item for the third week, it is a physical reminder to me that it’s STILL THERE and needs my attention.  Your categorized lists could work however you need them to:

  • Room of the house
  • Child’s name
  • Volunteer or work organization
  • Client or Contract
  • Event Name
  • Work categories, such as Editing, Graphics, Marketing, Phone Calls, Cold Calls, Samples, Manufacturing, Sewing, Proposals, Brainstorming, etc.
  • School Name
  • Homeschool subject or Co-op
  • Personal projects, such as Prayer/Reflection, Crafting, Journaling or Church

I have always loved that no matter where I am in my life and what’s going, this planner works.  I’ve used one for about ten years now, from when The Captain was in school and we had infants, a very different time in my life, to now.  Take a look at how and why Planner Pads work!

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