The Perfect Notebook – a Paper Planner Review

As the Productive Mama, I see all sorts of planners. I’ll always take a look and some have piqued my interest, but I’m very happy with my current system and only like to promote products I’ve used or would if I were in a particular life stage.

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So when The Perfect Notebook reached out to me I didn’t really expect much. Well, I ended up buying one.

What first caught my eye: this one seemed like the PAPER version of Artful Agenda, the digital planner I now use full time. It has similar layouts, lists and goals. So if you like the digital Artful Agenda in theory, but know you need paper, this might be PERFECT for you. I know some of you just NEED paper and I understand that. Lots of folks are still devoted to paper! If that’s you, check out The Perfect Notebook.

I purchased the standard Perfect Notebook, but if I were to get and use this, I would totally add the WEEKLY calendar pages. For a paper planner, I really like seeing my week! For digital, I go between daily and weekly so I can better see my tasks, but when I used the Planner Pad, weekly was great.

Things I LOVED

  • Daily, weekly and monthly view options. Daily comes in the standard version I got.
  • Having a notebook combined with the planner! There are blank notebook pages, which I think is super useful. I always need to jot down notes.
  • MOVEABLE pages and sections. You can order each section as you prefer. Notebook up front? Notebook in back? It’s up to you!
  • Refillable pages. You can easily refill what you use the most.
  • If you’re a bullet journal type of gal, you can get dotted and graph paper to suit your needs. I’m not a bullet journal-er, but I know there are plenty of you out there!

For Consideration

  • I paid $10.86 for shipping! Just an FYI! A little high, but I know small businesses need to survive!
  • Undated calendar pages help you keep a “rolling” notebook that never ends, basically. I really prefer dated pages, but I do see undated as being better for this planner set up and could easily adjust. Plus it makes it more affordable and flexible, allowing you to start and refill as needed.
  • No decorative cover. If you need purty covers, this might not do it for you. But I’m all about function so it doesn’t insult my sensibilities.
  • Big Blocks Dashboards – these pages are great for general goal setting and assessments, as well as professional goals. I’m not naturally drawn to this but can really see how it would be helpful. I strongly suggest you watch this video to see how it works and if it’s something you would use.

After ordering this first one, if I were to do it all over again, I would get the Planner Pack,

which is currently showing as sold out. It has the monthly and weekly pages, as well as everything that comes with the Perfect Notebook I ordered. While I have gone digital, I would be tempted by The Perfect Planner. Are you?!!?

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