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Considering homeschooling? This series of talks was developed to help parents decide IF and HOW they should homeschool. In addition to videos, you will have access to a variety of resources and recommendations, as well as have the ability to ask questions of seasoned homeschoolers to help address your particular need(s).

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This cookbook is filled with delicious, nutritious, creative, and surprisingly satisfying meals using items found in the typical pantry. It’s not your typical pasta and jarred sauce, either. From pizza to posole, congee to curry bowl, you will be surprised by the gourmet(ish) fare you can feed your family using what you’ve got. You’ll get access to the cookbook and additional resources to help you maximize your use of them. Get additional printables, pantry challenge materials, videos and more.


Do you procrastinate? Do you know WHY? Do you strive to be more productive but feel stuck? Go from procrastinating to productive with the Productive Mama. Amylee will show you why you procrastinate and how to conquer those tendencies with realistic strategies and accessible tools.

Imagine …..understanding WHY you can’t get your BE-hind into gear, conquering your to-do list, finally getting THAT project done, staying on top of your tasks, modeling a get-it-done lifestyle for your kids, eliminating project-related guilt, having flexibility in your approach – you get to decide how to move forward.

This is especially for those who are CEOs of their homes and families!

freezer meal club guidebook and success ecourse


See how a freezer meal club can cut your dinner cooking in half!

Don’t be intimidated by starting a club. The benefits are OUTRAGEOUS!  In addition to discovering how much TIME, MONEY and STRESS you’ll save with a Freezer Meal Club, you’ll also learn all the secrets to starting one with minimal stress and maximum efficiency.  Learn more and get my free printable:  Top Ten Items Smart Mamas Keep in the Freezer!

Make Ahead Holiday Meals Planner and Resource Center

Have your most peaceful holiday meal EVER!

You CAN serve up a low-stress, homemade holiday meal.  This Trello-based resource allows for maximum convenience, flexibility and customization.  For less than a fancy cup of coffee, you’ll get methods for preparing your meal in advance, a suggested make ahead schedule and one you can customize, approaches to storing and reheating that will keep your food tasting freshly made, and much more.  There’s nothing else like this out there. Learn more here!

The Work at Home Trello Pack

Over 15 pre-formatted digital organizers to help you plan, track and manage every aspect of your home business. Including a client tracker, event planner, monthly finances, weekly to-do list, tax record keeping, social media planner and more. At $2 per plug-n-play board, this would be over $30!

STOP being disorganized. All of your information will be at your fingertips, no matter where you are.  SAVE TIME because you will NEVER lose paperwork, links, samples. Always BE UP-TO-DATE. CREATE COHESIVE TEAMS. BUILD SOLID RELATIONSHIPS with teams, other businesses, partners, clients and more.  DISCOVER what it’s like to be at the top of your work-at-home game with this innovative Trello product.

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