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Guest post by Teri Brauer, Executive Brand Director withTula XII. Teri and I have hosted a 2022 Planner Palooza and a Fall Planner Tune Up. Sign up for my mailing list for word on signing up.

With the new year approaching, everyone will soon be thinking about goals and how to be more productive in 2022. 

I’m a paper planner. I have to have things written down or I will forget them. My family knows if Momma doesn’t write it down it won’t get done!!

Searching for the perfect planner to accommodate your busy lifestyle can be a task. Trust me, I have gone through my share of planners that I have loved and hated. And I have helped many, many women design a planner that is unique and perfect for them. If you want to create the perfect planner and workspace within your planner, here are a few tips and tricks I’ve learned as I’ve helped them.

Having the right planner can be a game changer.

Tip #1 -Write everything down. And I do mean EVERYTHING!! Appointments, kids’ events, school schedules, self-care time, projects to work on, personal goals and family meals. Once you’ve written all of these down, your day to day scheduling becomes so much easier. This also reduces stress because you won’t constantly be worrying about what you are forgetting.

Tip #2 – Choose a planner that has space for ALL areas of your life. This includes your to-do list and your schedules, but also the important components that might be unique to YOU and YOUR FAMILY.  Your life is unique to you and your planner should be also. Cookie cutter planners don’t help you plan, they help you fill in the blanks. An organized planner will give you the space to be creative and functional. If the only difference in the planners you are looking at is the front cover, then your planner is missing something that is purposeful for you.

Tip #3 – Set goals by month and week. This sounds simple but sometimes it’s much harder than you think. And if the word “goals” scares you, think of them as action items that you list. Goals help us stay focused and on track. Goals should be simple and very specific without being overwhelming. Your planner should have a place where you can write these out and do a quick weekly/monthly check to make sure you are getting everything done to help you stay on track.

Tip #4 – Make your planner unique to YOU! Your planner should be a place of inspiration that sparks joy for you. Having a space that is portable and easy to carry that can be opened and instantly put a smile on your face or a little smile in your heart is really important when it comes to planning. If you don’t enjoy it, you won’t want to do it.

Tip #5 – Add a section for finances. When you budget and keep track of expenses you are less likely to worry about money. One of the main reasons you should track and account for your money and spending habits is to identify and eliminate wasteful spending habits. Consistently tracking your expenses and spending will help you maintain control of your finances and help you put your money to better use, like saving for vacations or other large expenses and investments.

Using space in your planner specifically for your Bills and Budget will help you stay on track and quickly identify areas that you may want to consider making a change. You can update a section like this daily or weekly depending upon your preference. I recommend no less than weekly. You will be more likely to want to make changes to your spending habits and want to save more when you are intentionally spending time looking and planning your budget.

Effectively planning, whether in finances or other areas, should acknowledge the areas that need work and attention WITHOUT making them a source of stress.

Don’t let your previous experience with planners that didn’t work for you keep you from being the amazing and productive self you are meant to be! Use these tips and tricks as you search for the perfect planner for you and your busy lifestyle.

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  1. I totally agree with you! So many people use online organisers but I much prefer a paper one! Need to use your tip on having a section for finances cuz mine is all over the place!

    1. It’s good to have options between paper and digital. If you’re struggling with finances, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this program:
      But paper is also great. It’s how us old fogies used to have to do it ?
      I also think our upcoming small online event might be helpful for you? Join us! There’s no obligation and you do not have to be at the workshops live.

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