Lume Biofilm Buster Review – does it really kill Permastink?

PM Bottom Line: yes, yes it does. It’s awesome. Get this laundry treatment spray.

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I’m really excited to share this product with you because it is THE ANSWER to permastink on your clothing. I’ve previously written about my laundry detergent really helping and now that I use Lume deodorant, permastink is not has much a struggle, especially in newer clothes.

If you are lucky enough to NOT know what permastink is, it’s the dreaded phenomenon that sets in to clothing, mostly shirts (armpits) in our house.    What often happens is that the bacteria on your armpits settles in your shirts’ armpit areas and, well, never leave.  Detergents also settle into the fabric of your clothing, trapping the bacteria there, as well.  Often your clothing will smell A-OK.  Until you put the item on and your body warmth seems to re-activate the bacteria and the permastink returns!  I’ve tried vinegar soaks, extra hot water, wool wash (does help with wool somewhat, but our household bacteria has managed to conquer wool cleaner), lemon juice and more.  I have thrown away many shirts, unfortunately.

Tossing clothing after a few wears because you just can’t wear it anymore is NOT productive. And if you have a uniform or costume of any kind that you HAVE to wear, having it stink is embarrassing and annoying!

But we have been blessed with the answer! And it’s from Lume, who brought us this awesome deodorant.

Lume Biofilm Buster is the answer!!!!

Lume says this product:

  1. Specifically targets biofilm in clothes
  2. Powerful 5 enzyme blend
  3. Highly concentrated
  4. Works with your detergent
  5. Spray exactly where you need it

And here is my own list of benefits:

  1. super duper easy to use
  2. actually works!
  3. works without scrubbing
  4. work on “old” smells/clothes

I am resurrecting old clothes I didn’t have the heart to get rid of yet. You know what I mean – those clothes that you LOVE (look great, feel great, organic, you spent more than you usually do on them, were a special gift, etc.)? Well, pull them out and get ready to love them again!

This might be TMI, but I use cloth reusable feminine hygiene products (several type). I have had some for years (almost 2 decades). They all have their pros and cons. Some of them hold smells more than others. This spray is even helping with those odors!!! How else could this spray help you?

  • sports, cheer and dance uniforms?
  • sports equipment?
  • workout clothes? sports bras?
  • tank tops?
  • polyester favorites?

Try this with the Lume deodorant and banish permastink forever!

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  1. Hey about that TMI part… Have you heard of the pop-rocks kind of cleanser thing that was all the rage (fad?) about a decade back? It was, in my recollection, specifically for the blood of those glad rags we use every month. Just wondering if you have a post in here on that product.

    Anyway, back to the post’s content and purpose – I’m buying all the Lume stuff they can sell me bcz – *SAME*!! – the warm up of new-to-me thrift shirts is RANK! ..and plz, don’t throw away your ranky shirts, just thrift them and us poor ppls will baking soda/lemon juice/ sunshine and scrub and NOW LUME SPRAY the crap out of them!! ?

    1. OK, I missed the pop rocks trend!!! So no, I do not have a post about that. I’m so glad this will also help you with those awesome thrift store finds. I’m starting to set aside my winter clothing and bring out more summery things. My new habit is to be sure to spray the winter items before their last wash as I pack them away. Thanks so much for reading, commenting and buying from my links!

  2. Hi! Do you know if you can use biofim spray and re-wear the clothes before you wash them? Thanks!

    1. Forgive the delayed response! I actually do not know this because I only use it before washing. Hmmmmm……I may try this sometime to see how it works. You do have to get the cloth wet, so you would need time for it to dry completely, which is not difficult where I live but would be difficult for humid areas I think? Great question, though, and I’ll see if I get a chance to test this out soon.

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