Improve Your Cooking Skills In 5 Steps

Cooking can be so much fun: a chance to learn about nutrition, get creative, and bring joy to your family and friends! Many people want to improve their cooking skills, but not everyone knows where to begin. To start making progress today, check out these five steps.

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1 . Don’t be afraid to experiment
We all have our favorite meals to cook, and there’s nothing wrong with that. When you’re cooking for kids, it’s likely that you’ll want meals that are quick and easy. But when you always cook the same things, it’s more difficult to improve your culinary skills. Even with kids, monotonous meals can make mealtime more exhausting as you have to coax them to eat what has become too regular at the table. The secret is to start gradually and incorporate new additions until you’re certain everyone will be interested in your new culinary skills. You can make things easy on yourself by experimenting with frozen Asian food or any other pre-cooked recipes you can put a spin on. Another way to boost your culinary skills is to explore various recipes either in cook books or online resources such as YouTube. After getting the basics, you can include your twists to create even more unique and tastier dishes.

Set yourself a goal of learning a new recipe every week. But no more! Focus on recipes that don’t take too much time. To get you started check out this easy mexican rice recipe.

2. Treat yourself to classes
Looking to become a whizz in the kitchen? Why not treat yourself to a course of cookery classes? (A gaggle of geese? A pride of lions? A course of cookery classes?) Attending classes can be lots of fun, full of learning, social connection, or even special events. You might want to focus on learning a particular style, whether it’s Italian cooking or Japanese cooking. As COVID restrictions ease up many people are keen to return to in-person classes. If you’re still unsure, there are still lots of cooking classes that are running online.

3. Download a few apps
Whether you want healthy recipes or indulgent feasts, there are so many useful cooking apps out there. From recipes to tips and communities, these apps have it all:

Epicurious: This app has thousands of recipes to choose from: paleo diet recipes, vegan recipes, desserts, and so much more. These videos make it super easy to learn new things, with ratings and reviews to guide you. Cool features include a shopping list, smart timer, and a ‘recipe box’ to save your favs. From kid lunch ideas to dinner party dishes, there’s lots to learn here.

Kitchen Stories: Here you can discover thousands of tasty recipes. There are plenty of articles, tips and tutorials to help you improve your skills. Once you’re brave enough you can even upload your results! Don’t forget to create a personal profile so you can access all the best recommendations for YOU.

4. Update your equipment

If you’re keen to give your cooking skills a boost you might want to update your equipment. With the best culinary tools there’s no limit to what you can achieve in the kitchen! Treat yourself to a new chef’s knife, a knife sharpener, a cast iron pan, a dutch oven, or even these awesome cooking tools from Epicure, especially the Multi Purpose Steamer. A good blender comes in handy, as does a digital thermometer.

5. Look for inspiration

When you’re looking to develop your skills, what you need is a little inspiration. Listen to cooking podcasts, read cookbooks, and ask for tips from your friends. Join cooking communities, watch documentaries, and soak up all the knowledge you can. Don’t forget my YouTube channel!

Bonus Step #6. TEACH your kids (or nephews or friends) to cook.

When we teach, we learn. Our skills improve. And we make cooking a positive experience for ourselves and the next generation. Additionally, we give our kids the skills to control their budget and their health as adults! Check out this great chart of what kids can do at various ages and stages AND review these 7 Things to NOT Let Your Kids do in the Kitchen

Above all, practice your skills as often. It’s the perfect excuse to throw more dinner parties!

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  1. Even if you pride yourself on being a good cook, I would agree that taking classes goes a long way, even if it only exposes you to different recipes. Good insight here!

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