5 Reasons To Cut Cable

Have you ever thought about cancelling your cable? Have you realized you don’t use half of the channels you pay for? Why not join the revolution of people who are cutting ties with their cable TV services? Or, like me, never ever HAD cable! Not completely sold? Just look at these options and see what you think.

  1. Use the internet – Everyone we know uses and has access to the internet. We all know and are subscribed to internet streaming services such as Netflix and Prime Video. My own family had ZERO streaming services until March 2020! When we could no longer access our library’s DVD rentals due to Covid closures, we changed our tune. Many people are starting to use online packages such as Philo Channels. What channels does Philo Channels have? Find out here. A lot of people are hesitant to leave cable behind, but online streaming services have such a wide variety of shows, it only makes sense to consider alternatives to cable. 
    The rise of internet adoption has contributed significantly to the increased streaming services. While most devices today support internet connection, including phones, tablets, and TVs, it would be best to shift from cable to streaming. Streaming online helps you access unlimited content based on your plans, both for you and your family. However, if you want to shift from cables and do not have internet access, channels or bundles, consider cox wifi plans to find the most suitable plan for your streaming services. This shift will help you enjoy some of the most popular shows while saving costs incurred in cabling.
  2. 90% of cable channels are unwatched – We all have those times where we want to watch TV and we endlessly scroll through our TV guide and find nothing we want to watch, so we settle for Netflix! All those paid channels you’ve just scrolled through are useless to you. So why are you still paying for them if you don’t use them?
  3. Online streaming services have popular original shows – Many streaming services such as Netflix, Prime and Hulu create their own programs. A lot of these are released with the whole series in one dump, which means you can binge-watch your favorite series instead of waiting a whole week until the next episode is aired. And most network TV channels have replay websites where you can watch the same programs at a later date, again negating the need for cable TV!
  4. Quitting feels great! Have you ever called a company and told them to stop taking your money? It’s exhilarating! They will offer you all kinds of discounted products, but simply just saying no is so fun! Just think of all the money you will save not having cable, which leads to….
  5. You can save over $1,400 a year – Yes, you read that right. $1,400 a year. What a savings! You will still be able to watch all the programs you do now, at a time that suits you, while saving a huge amount of money. Just think about what you can do with all that extra cash, along with all the time you save when you stop endlessly scrolling through your TV guide. 

Online streaming is the way forward and has been on the rise for a number of years now with companies like Netflix, Prime and Hulu paving the way for younger generations. Many of these services provide the same programs you find on cable but without the ad breaks and for a fraction of the price! 

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