4 Ways You Can Boost the Speed of Your Home Internet

With more people being at home more than ever in the past few years, slow internet has been a noticeable problem. People who are now regularly working from home have a hard time getting things done when slowed down by a lack of internet speed, and it can draw out workdays for longer than they need to be. Your internet isn’t doomed to be slow forever, and there are a lot of things you can try out to get increase your connection speed. Your internet could be slow for a number of reasons, outside of what you’re being allowed on your contract.

Ensure your router isn’t hidden

If you’re accessing your network through your Wi-Fi, one of the reasons your internet might be slow a disrupted signal. As unattractive as you might find your router, you’ll want to make sure that it’s not tucked away somewhere, nor kept inside a closet. The best way to keep a strong signal is the either be close or within an open space. Thick walls and furniture can make it difficult for the signal to travel, which is why you might see slower internet speeds in different parts of your home.

Resetting your router

A common problem solver that’s used for many pieces of tech is to just shut it off and start it up again. If you’re ever unsure how to solve a problem with one of your electronics, simply turning it off and leaving it for a short while – a minute or two – can be a great way to get things working again. It could be that there’s static, full memory cache, or so on. It takes a short amount of time and should be exercised any time your internet is having more trouble than usual.

Try another ISP

The problem might not be your router, but instead your service provider. If your current contract doesn’t allow for fast internet, you might want to look into better internet providers to get to the bottom of it. Your current provider might be throttling your connection, or just generally unable to keep a steady connection in the area where you live. You might find that there are better packages for you with an even better or comparable price. It never hurts to shop around, especially when you’re nearing the end of your contract.

If you ARE near the end, I highly suggest letting Bill Cutterz negotiate the absolute best deal for you!

Change the Wi-Fi password

Slow internet can be a sign of low bandwidth. Consider your connection to be like a pipeline. If that pipeline is full, then it’s going to have a hard time pushing out the same strength. Having too many devices connected to your router can cause this effect and if your Wi-Fi password is public knowledge, that could exactly be what’s happening. Changing your password and purging the devices from your network can ensure that you’re the only person who is using your Wi-Fi at one time. You can do this through one of your devices.

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