The Best Ways to Improve Your Home Working Environment

Working from home presents you with a range of challenges, especially if you’ve always worked in an office in the past. It’s up to you to find the way forward that’s going to work for you and that’s going to allow you to be productive in your home office day after day. So if you’re looking to improve your home working environment, take a look at these ideas.

Eliminate Everyday Distractions

If you’re going to work productively at home, you need to be in your zone and focused on your work during the hours that you need to be working. The best way to ensure you can do that is by eliminating distractions that might otherwise move your focus away from your work tasks. You are surrounded by everyday distractions when you’re working from home so you have to go further to remove them. Some ideas that are great for this are:

  • Turn off notifications. All of them – phone, computer, social, all apps.
  • Time block your work tasks.
  • Time block your HOME tasks!
  • Meal plan so you don’t have to take time away to figure out what to eat or feed others.
  • Put your hours on a closed door to remind others.
  • Invest in white planks for wall to keep other wall distractions at bay.

Invest in a Supportive Chair

If you haven’t done so already, you should definitely think about investing in a better chair that’s going to support you properly throughout your working day. Most chairs simply aren’t built to offer you the back and neck support that you really need when you’re sitting at your desk in front of a computer screen for long periods of time. It’s an investment that’ll certainly pay dividends for you.

Find an Ergonomic Standing Desk or Computer Stand

If you want to work successfully from home, you also need to be looking after yourself and your body. So many people end up with RSIs and back problems when working at home. But you can avoid some of those problems with the use of a more ergonomic desk, such as a standing desk or a computer stand that allows you to stand while you work. A Minder laptop tower stand offers those benefits. And it means you don’t have to spend all day sitting.

Consider Childcare Arrangements

For parents, working from home can present you with a dilemma. Yes, you’re at home so you should be able to spend more time looking after your kids while you work, right? Well, yes, that can work for some parents, but not for others. If you need to be focused on your work, focusing on also being a good caregiver to a child can be tough.

In my series on How to Work at Home with Babies, Littles, and Middles, I offer lots of suggestions on creative, alternative childcare arrangements.

Build Breaks and Rest Into Your Routine

When you’re working from home, you need to give yourself time to rest and break. It becomes all too easy to tie yourself to your desk for the entire day, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be that way. Breaks are healthy and you’ll find you come back rejuvenated from them too. I love to do a few Essentrics stretches to get the blood flowing!

If you want to make the most of your home working situation, you should make the most of the ideas we’ve discussed here. In doing so, you’ll be able to create an environment that works for you and supports you as you strive to be productive and do your best work every day.

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