BillCutterz review – Let THEM save you money

Productive Mama Bottom Line:  you can save more by sitting on the phone and negotiating with your service providers yourself.  But if sitting on the phone seems impossible (as in, THAT’S when your kids starting climbing things or fighting) or unbearable, this is a great way to go.  You pay them half of what they save you over a year.  Taking that into consideration, they saved me $250 my first year with them.

BillCutterz saves you money by negotating lower rates with your providers, such as cell phone, home phone, internet, cable/satellite TV, alarm and security, and, in some states, utilities.  I first used them over a year ago and have just wrapped up my second go-around with them.  Except for cell phone, which I don’t think anyone can get much lower than I pay with Ting, the only service I use that they can help  me with is our internet and phone, both of which run on cable (Comcast). 

Our Comcast bill had been climbing and was up near $119.  I had pleasant email conversations with the BillCutterz representative.  They asked me some questions about my account, like how long have I been  with the company, satisfaction with services and more.  We then set a time (with the use of a convenient scheduling program) where the rep would conference me in with their call to Comcast and I could give the rep permission to negotiate for me. We called him my personal assistant.  I wish!  Anyway, that took all of 60 seconds, max.  Then the BillCutterz rep did his magic.

They knocked my monthly bill down by $38 or about $455 per year.  I was quite happy with that.  Of course, half of that is due to BillCutterz.  So they invoiced me a few weeks later for $205, as I agreed to save an additional 10% by paying their invoice in full.  Now, this new monthly rate with Comcast was good for one year.  So we’d have to renegotiate then.

A year goes by and it’s time.  THIS time I ask them to please negotiate a rate that is valid for more than a year so I don’t have to both with this for longer.  They happily obliged.  This time it was the same rep who negotiated so I didn’t need to set that appointment to give permission for the negotiation.  I assume he was already listed as “allowed.” I did get one bill that showed Comcast bumping my rate back up about $13.  BillCutterz got it back down to where it was, saving me $13/month or $156 per year.  FOR TWO YEARS, as requested.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with my experience. All communications with BillCutterz have been pleasant and professional.  That goes a LONG way with me.  They followed up with ME so I didn’t have to remember myself (always nice for a busy mama).  Yes, I COULD sit on the phone and do all this myself and save even more. But I don’t wanna! If you have more of the services BillCutterz works on, you should definitely contact them.  You’ll probably save EVEN MORE than I did.

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