Ting Phone Service Review

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ProductiveMama Bottom Line:  Ting is great for the average user and household, saving us a considerable amount of money.  Our service has been fine and the rates make me smile.

  • If you stream movies frequently, it might not be right for you.
  • I wanted to bring our own phones. It was painless to get three phones activated and working right away. If you like getting the newest phones, subsidized by a more expensive plan, this won’t be for you.
  • This WOULD be a fantastic option for someone who wants an “emergency” phone for a family member.  That would cost just $6 per month.
  • Final caveat:  no data roaming.  So if you travel outside of T-mobile or Sprint’s areas and need to check Yelp for a local dining suggestion, sorry.  I usually carry along my Karma hotspot for that!


It took me a good, long while to break with Sprint.  First I cut back from our “unlimited” plan to 1G of data per month and that saved me $20/month.  Then when our contract was up, I made the jump.  We actually wanted to stay on the Sprint Network (on which Ting runs) because The Captain apparently gets better reception than most where he works and NEEDS his phone to work well when he’s at work. UPDATE:  Apparently Ting also runs on T-Mobile, greaty expanding its area for talk and data.

Before – 2 phones, “unlimited” talk/text/data.  About $170 per month.

Now – 3 phones, including a teen who does a bit of texting.  We’ve settled in at $60-70 per month! For THREE phones!  So I’m not just saving $100/month because I never had the teen on our old plan.  If I had, it’d likely be more like saving $185/month.

UPDATE (8/2017) – The Tween now has a phone.  Initial excitement has worn off and last month’s bill for FOUR of us was $71! 

Of course, I still want to keep our bill low.  So I put the phone in airplane mode at night and use wireless whenever possible.  Teen’s phone has a feature to use wireless first for phone calls, so we use that, as well. I’m also encouraging her to send texts with photos (which are charged as data) only when she’s on a wireless network.  I like to think these thinks help a little bit.

Teen mostly texts, The Captain uses the most minutes (for work), and I use the most data.  That means as a family, we fall into the Medium “levels” for talk and text, but in Large for Data. To find out where your family might fall, visit Ting and check out their Rates and Savings Calculator.

UPDATE (8/2017):  My phone bit the dust.  I bought my new one through Ting and it was painless and when I did get a little stuck, they were SO HELPFUL.  I’m sure I could have scrounged to find a cheaper price on the same phone, but the prices were competitive and I knew it would work and that they would be help me along the way.

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