PM Bottom Line: If you are a budget-conscious family who would like to travel more, especially to popular vacation spots, this membership is worth considering. FFF has REMOVED THE FINANCIAL STRESS AND THE OVERALL STRESS FROM TRAVEL, MAKING IT EVEN MORE ENJOYABLE! NO RISK 30 Day Refund Policy if you don’t feel it’s a fit.

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But first a few introductory comments….

How I found Lyn, the Go To Travel Gal

I first discovered Lyn a few years ago in a travel bundle. Her resource was one of the most useful, but I wasn’t in a place to really jump in. Still, I glanced at her emails now and then. I followed her FB page. And then last year I caught a free webinar on how to choose the right travel related credit card and how to maximize your use of it. From that free webinar I felt like I learned a TON and felt more confident about the topic in general.

I knew she had a membership to help families fly free, but I just wanted to slowly get my feet wet and figure out how it might work for me. I paid more attention to her emails and her FB page. I started reading posts on her blog, which is chock full of great information.




I became a member of Families Fly Free. And I set it aside because I was busy. You’ve been there, right? But Lyn sent me a reminder that my membership comes with a personalized travel plan, just for my family. So we talked. I started to think that maybe I really could travel. And fly for free!

She sent me my personalized Fly Free Plan so I could refer to it at will. It contains goals, steps, links, options and ways to get more help from her – all in one place. With it, I had a way to meet my initial travel dream and continue flying free after that.


Well, let’s say how much have I saved SO FAR? I will be completely honest and tell you that I have not done ALLLLL the steps Lyn recommended. If I did I’d be saving even more, I know. But ALLLL the steps at once can be overwhelming, so I just started the journey with one step. You know the saying, right? Still, in doing those first steps, I have saved at least $1600 on airfare!

And I know I’ve actually saved more than that, but it can be hard to translate some of the points to dollars and I will realize savings when I have to rebook a flight or two, which is very likely for my oldest/college kid, who lives away from us for much of the year. Using MORE tips from Lyn, I’ve learned how to book with the MOST flexibility while not paying for it! PRICELESS!

“My family has already saved over $1600 on airfare and we’re not even halfway into our first year of membership! Additionally, I know I’ve saved myself much hassle and gained a great amount of flexibility in my travel.”

Me. Is it weird to quote myself?

Now, several years later, I want to share a few more scenarios where I see how valuable this membership is:

  • travel team sports. If your kid/family participates in a club sport or any kind, THIS WILL HELP.
  • college visits. Traveling to visit colleges you are considering or just might consider is a LUXURY. I couldn’t believe people did this when my oldest was here. Now it’s something I can actually consider, should the need arise again.
  • college studies. Kids ALREADY in college and you’d like to ease the financial strain of visiting them or having them visit home? FFF will be invaluable. College visits also mean…..
  • high school and college graduations!
  • conferences with a spouse.


Seriously, there is. Where does YOUR family want to travel? Your membership includes useful information on how to travel there and stay there on your budget. You also get timely updates on special deals and destinations. You won’t need all the information right away, of course, but it’s there for when you do!

There is also a LOT of great information related to traveling in the Age of Covid.

Membership CONSiderations:

  • This is not for you if you have consumer debt.
  • This membership is best for those with self control around credit cards.
  • Single people may not get the best savings, unless they have family/friends with whom they regularly travel.
  • Luxury travelers (first class all the way, higher end resorts, etc) may not be the best fit.
  • There is SO MUCH information available in the program. I feel like I need to LEARN IT ALL, but I have found it’s best for me to take it easy and only look up what I need when I need it.

Membership PROS:

  • There is a money back Guarantee! *See fine print, but she will save you AT LEAST the cost of the membership and she definitely did for me.*
  • Every member gets a personalized consult. It’s priceless!
  • Every member gets QUARTERLY consults, plus access to Lyn for other questions that come up between those, either through the monthly Ask Anything sessions or directly.  
  • You still get to determine your own plan, but you get an awesome, personalized Fly Free Plan to guide you.
  • Lyn is absolutely a trustworthy and RELATABLE advisor. This is also priceless.
  • Membership is geared toward the average, budget-aware family.
  • You will receive ongoing help with and updated information on ALL kinds of destinations, airlines and accommodations.
  • You continue learning, thanks to direct access to Lyn and other travel experts.
  • You join a community of like-minded families willing to share their tips to help YOU maximize your travel savings.


Lyn is a real person who wants to help YOU. She’s got a great plan figured out and she wants to make travel accessible to all. She is sincere and she knows her stuff. And if she can’t help you, you’ll get your money back. I have no hesitations in recommending this membership program, as it is worth far beyond the initial investment. Families Fly Free has helped us and will continue to indefinitely!

FREE Intro to Flying Free personalized consult for your family if you book it here by April 25, 2021! These are an exclusive for Productive Mama readers. There’s no commitment. Lyn wants to make sure she can help you and that the membership is a good fit.

Stay tuned for our next special offer.


2021: $3000 + points for trip to Europe

2022: $1650 in free flights

2023: $2800 in flights and/or hotels

2024 (tallied Jan 15): $1200 in free flights and hotels for February cheer competition
Projected to be MUCH more by end of year!

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  1. Amylee sent an email asking for folks to go to Facebook and tell her their favorite vacation spot. Well, I don’t use Facebook, so I replied to the email. My favorite place to vacation is Lombok Island in Indonesia.
    I spent a good chunk of my childhood in Indonesia. Our family went everywhere. Traveling was a learning experience. The first time we went to Lombok, the tourists had not discovered the east side of the island yet. The west side is still more popular because of the great surf. The Mariana’s Trench, the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean runs between Bali and Lombok. It makes great surf. I don’t surf, but I do snorkle, scuba dive, and hike. The north and the east of the island appeal more to me. My long since retired parents went back in 2019. I have not been in a long time. I would love to go and show my husband places he has only seen in pictures. At the moment, both the price and the time needed for a reasonable trip are a stretch.

    1. I feel much the same way about the Philippines. I’d love to show hubby and kids where I spent a good chunk of my childhood. Lombok looks gorgeous. I think it’s worth talking to Lyn to see if she can help you get there. Since you are not on a timeline you can work toward it as you can! Thank you for sharing your story.

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