Earthley Detoxifying Deodorant review and giveaway

Productive Mama Bottom Line:  Yes, just yes.  This stuff works.
If you’re on my newsletter list, you’ve seen me mention “the best natural deodorant EVER.”  I couldn’t wait to share it but didn’t have time to do a full-out review.  NOW IS THE TIME!
What does deodorant have to do with being productive, you ask? Well, aside from staying healthy, which helps keep your productivity up, if my natural deodorant is working, I’m doing less laundry and not having to stop during the day to re-apply. Neither of which apply with Earthley’s Detoxifying Deodorant!
I got a sample of this in December and started using it right before Christmas.  And it’s pretty much all I’ve used since.  I didn’t start using it with high hopes, as I’ve tried so so many natural deodorants and am usually disappointed. Or they work well enough but not for going out ALL DAY or being in close quarters with non-family members for extended periods of time.
So now I’ve been using it regularly since before Christmas.  And I’m happy to report this stuff WORKS.  It just works.  My sample was not even scented.  (Admittedly, I haven’t gone through summer, but I do work out regularly and, honestly, I can stink when it’s cold just as easily as when it’s warm.)  Why does this work?  Here are the listed ingredients:
Apricot oil, mango butter, beeswax, magnesium chloride flakes, and arrowroot powder.  If you get a scented version, it will also include the corresponding essential oils.  Varieties include Lavender, Citrus or Woods. [Summer 2018 update: the new formulation now includes French green clay and comes in Lemon-Mint, Ginger-Lime, Unscented and Grapefruit-Juniper.]
Most natural deodorants include baking soda, which can be harsh on some pits.  So if that’s been the case for you, here’s a good option. I’m thinking the magnesium might be what is working so well for me.  Magnesium is something many of us lack, so I like that instead of aluminum being “sucked up” through my pits, my body can absorb magnesium instead, with the added bonus of deodorization.  And the other ingredients – well, for me they somehow work together for great odor control.
The deodorant also keeps its shape and stays solid and I can apply it smoothly right from the stick. The other natural deodorants I’ve really liked are usually the slightly less convenient “smear on with your finger” style.  I’ve never had a natural stick deodorant I’ve really liked before, unfortunately.  So I’m really happy with being able to just swipe-and-go. Note that the sample size is more of a huge chapstick size so takes a few swipes.  The regular size is the traditional size and oval style that you’re used to.
Just a reminder for folks who might not be used to natural deodorants, they work to deodorize and might absorb a little wetness. But they are NOT commercial deodorants that leave armpits bone dry.  Detoxifying Deodorant uses arrowroot powder to offer some wetness protection.
If you’re unsure if this will work for you, as different products work for different bodies, Earthley has a nice sized sample.  A half oz. doesn’t sound like much, but I’ve used mine since Christmas and there’s still plenty. I just passed it on to a daughter, as I got myself a full sized citrus one.  The sample is now $3.99 and the full sized on sale for $10.99.  I think $3.99 for deodorant that has lasted me three months so far is a pretty darn good value!
Want to WIN a sample of Detoxifying Deodorant? I’ve got an unscented stick to send someone!  Here’s how to enter.  By Saturday, March 11 at midnight:
1.  Be a subscriber to my email list.  You can sign up on any page of
2.  Comment either on THIS page (at the bottom) OR on THIS FaceBook post about your experience with natural deodorants.  You have one you like, you make your own, you haven’t found one so far, you’ve never tried one, whatever fits your situation.
3.  Comment on THIS FaceBook post (or email me if you’re not on FaceBook) which of these topics most interests you:
  • Cooking whole foods meals in less time
  • Really fast and easy (but wholesome) breakfasts
  • Keeping Kids busy when YOU’RE busy
  • Raising Productive Kids
  • Three ingredient bread routine ANY mom can manage
  • Finding Time for Income Earning or Volunteer Endeavors
4.  This isn’t required for you to be entered to win, but you could share this contest or either post with your friends.  I’d love to hear from your friends about their experiences and what topics they need help with!
Earthley has lots of tinctures, balms, salves, masks and more.  We’ve tried a few of them, including:

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