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Sunflower mold makes everything fun!
Sunflower mold makes everything fun!

Productive Mama Bottom Line:  You can definitely get by without these, as they are an investment.  But they DO provide excellent, consistent results and are a BREEZE to clean, saving me lots of time.  Since I am not a baker that makes things very pretty, they do help me occasionally create special treats with more visual appeal than I can do without them.


 Doing research for an article on bakeware (origin, materials, safety, practicality, ease of use), I came across

Many of you already know Demarle through their Silpat products.
Many of you already know Demarle through their Silpat products.

these products from France.  The company has been around for decades and you might know their most famous product, the Silpat.  Their baking sheets and forms are woven glassed covered with a layer of silicone.  Many of you know that silicone is great because your baked items do not stick to it! But if you have silicone forms, you might notice that what you bake does not brown because the silicone does not retain any heat so sometimes the final result doesn’t have that nice browned result.  Demarle products, thanks to the heat retention of that woven glass under the silicone, do allow for browning! 

If you: are an experienced baker, are an inexperienced baker, love cooking, hate cooking, try to avoid saturated fat, or eat tons of saturated fat and few grains, you might find useful ways to use these in your kitchen.
I use the Checkboard mold quite often. Nicely sized and it "pre-cuts" with its grooves.
I use the Checkboard mold quite often. Nicely sized and it “pre-cuts” with its grooves.

If you don’t cook with much fat, your items still won’t stick!  If you do a lot of “fancy” baking, these come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, from little butterflies to pyramids to waffles to Eclairs to sunflowers to cake pops.  And MORE.  If you HATE cleanup, these are amazing.   Nothing sticks. This alone saves me so much time in the kitchen.  You can use these for candy making and messy crafts, as well.

Here’s how I most frequently use my Demarle at Home Bakeware (Demarle sells food items and other kitchen tools, but the Bakeware is what I use most):
  • I line my slow cooker with the forms and cook dinner in there, making for SUPER EASY clean up.
    The Flexipat is great for baking AND roasting.
    The Flexipat is great for baking AND roasting.

    Try it!

  • I use the Flexipat for brownies, bacon, fish, roasting veggies.
  • Muffins.  Cupcakes.  More muffins.  Baked eggs. Mini meatloaves.  Muffins.  They all pop out of the muffin forms so easily!
  • After my muffin forms, I probably use these molds most (from most to least usage):
    • Checkboard mold (brownies, finger hello, cookie bars, fudge, fruit/nut bars).  This mold makes perfectly sized grooves.
    • Round molds (casseroles, Dutch babies, baking ANYTHING)
    • Sunflower mold (lines my huge crackpot best, great for making any cake or quiche fun)
    • donut mold (put ANYTHING in donut form and it’s a hit) and mini-muffin mold

      Who can resist a donut?
      Who can resist a donut?
  • Of course, I use the Silpat to roast veggies and potatoes, bake drop biscuits and make cookies.
  • I also use my Silpat and “flatter” molds in my DEHYDRATOR!  The square Silpat actually fits perfectly on the Excalibur trays, but I only have one of those. So I use the Flexipat, the regular Silpat (ends roll up a tad), the Sunflower mold and the Checkboard mold when I make homemade granola or cereal.

I just listed how I incorporate these items into my kitchen and cooking. But there are probably some CONS, right?  Here are a few things to consider:

  • They are sold through direct sales, so if you don’t prefer that method of purchase, it’s a CON. The
    Perforated Baking sheets allow for support for the molds and even baking.
    Perforated Baking sheets allow for support for the molds and even baking.

    PRO is that if you find a consultant, you can earn some free items by hosting.

  • They CANNOT be pre-heated.  That often holds me up for some reason.  You need to wait until the oven is at temperature before you put these in.
  • They work best with a special perforated baking sheet.  You CAN use them with another baking sheet, but these are made to fit and work best.
  • Cost. They are not cheap, but they should last.

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  1. Can you put these in the freezer? I want to use my muffin pan one to make “make-ahead” muffins. Btw, I can vouch… Demarle molds ROCK!!!!! Love all mine.

  2. Yes, I do. I often freeze candies, muffin batter and more in them to store in bags for later. I haven’t left any in there for weeks, but maybe overnight. And then the items pop right out!

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