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Productive Mama Bottom Line:  Very comfortable, well made clothes. Not Wal-Mart prices, but should

Randy Tee is a new fave for me
Randy Tee is a new fave for me

get lots of wear to offset reasonable investment.

Obviously, since I’m hosting a party I think this clothing has something to offer. My girls all LOVE their leggings that they received for Christmas. They love the fun patterns and constantly comment on how soft they are!  And have been asking me if they can get more.  I know you are aiming to be a Productive Mama, so here is my quick and dirty Pros and Cons list of what to expect, from my experience so far.  You can learn more about their company and the individual styles here. My favorite so far is the Randy Tee, which The Teen also really likes.  All the girls LOOOOVE the leggings.
  •  lots of sizing options, from little girls to Plus sized
  • stylish yet not too revealing for me or my girls.
  • USA-made, except the leggings, which are made in China, under carefully supervised conditions.   See this article on considerations when purchasing clothing. USA made typically means:
    • better, safer dyes
    • better, safer dying and disposal processes
    • better working conditions
  • UPDATED 9/1/16 from consultant Trudy Gibson:
    • Made in the USA? Not anymore, but its OK!
      Because of LuLaRoe’s exponential growth in such a short amount of time, it was becoming increasingly difficult to meet the demand. LuLaRoe has carefully hand selected a few factories in Guatemala, Mexico and Vietnam to increase production. LuLaRoe is stimulating foreign economies and providing thousands of jobs to people who would otherwise live in poverty. LuLaRoe provides “green” factories, pays employees by the hour and not by the pieces made.
      LuLaRoe currently provides thousands of jobs to those working here in the United States and will continue to produce as much here in the United States as they are able to. Even though LuLaRoe produces millions of items per day, they stick by what makes LuLaRoe so special and limiting the number of pieces made from each fabric to 2500 items. Every dress, skirt, tunic and tee is a limited edition!
  • leggings can be easily made into capris
  • Direct sales, so you can host a show and get free clothing.  You can do an in-home pop-up show or an online Facebook party.  At a pop-up, each person purchases and walks away with their items. What’s there is what’s available.  Online show purchases get shipped out as soon as the show ends.
  • Unique patterns, printed in lots of 1000, so you’ve got something special
  • Recently added solids for leggings!
  • maxi dresses/skirts can be worn in multiple ways!
  • leggings ARE super soft. Like, ridiculously soft and comfortable.

    Kids size L are super soft and fun
    Kids size L leggings are super soft and fun
  • Ease of legging sizing. There are two options, One Size and Tall & Curvy.  I’m right between them, but hate tight fitting things, so go with T&C.
  • Most of the products seem to provide quite a variety of sizes
  • Can’t just go online and order a specific pair.
  • USA/ethically made (is such a PRO but) means not super cheap. Adult leggings start at $25, with kids being cheaper.  Most items go up from there.  I think the value is more than reasonable.
  • Direct sales, so if you don’t like direct sales….
  • Unique patterns, so if you’re not a pattern person, you might not love everything.  Good news is they’ve recently started selling solids!  I’m pretty pattern conservative, but have found a few things.
  • Sizing can get confusing.  You have to study up a little for each product.
  • Most items are polyester. I usually prefer natural fibers but we have so far enjoyed what we’ve tried.
This is about as wild a pattern as I'll go....
This is about as wild a pattern as I’ll go….
If you’re local to NM, this is a Santa Fe consultant:
This is the consultant from whom I first bought.  I did my first party with her:
While I am hosting a party, my initial purchases were all done at regular retail price as a “normal” customer.  My experience was very pleasant and the consultant super helpful.

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