Trello Guide for MAHM-ers

This page is for those of you who are new to Trello and find it a little daunting, but want to take advantage of the Make Ahead Holiday Meal Planner.  Please refer to your MAHM emails for access to the MAHM Trello board.

How to get started with Trello

  1. sign up for your free account here.
  2. take a look at this page for the core basics. It’s Trello 101.
  3. if you’re feeling confident and ready for more, watch this video. But read the 101 first! Then watch til about 2:25 for the very basic info to get you started. If you dare, go beyond but if you start to get overwhelmed, stop for now!

These steps will get you newbies started on Trello. If you’d like more, I can also point you toward:

  1. Organize Your Life with Trello Mini Class – this is a free 3-part series that breaks down Trello and shows you how to use Trello for some of the basic life organizing tasks most of us need to accomplish regularly.  This would be well worth the small investment of time to see how Trello could make your mama life more productive!
  2. This is my Youtube playlist with just a few videos showing how I use Trello. These aren’t as much tutorials as they are examples.
  3. AND if you think you’d really like to ramp up quickly and must EMBRACE the Trello love, check out this courseIt’s what I personally used to make the most of Trello.