Your Best Holiday EVER

Have your most peaceful holiday meal ever. *
You CAN serve up a low-stress, homemade holiday meal.
Learn how with the Make Ahead Holiday Meals Planner and Resource Center.
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Get the Make Ahead Holiday Meals Planner and Resource Center
You won’t be told exactly WHAT to prepare and exactly WHEN to prepare it.  You want flexibilty for your own life, schedule and preferences.  But for less than a fancy burger, you WILL get:​

  • access to a private Trello board
  • methods for preparing traditional holiday dishes in advance
  • methods for storing traditional holiday dishes until needed
  • methods for reheating or preparing traditional holiday dishes with ease
  • unique ways to reheat and hold dishes perfectly until serving time
  • alternative ways to prepare turkey or main dishes to keep the oven free
  • suggested recipes to prepare in advance (or that very day)
  • my own favorite and tested holiday recipes
  • suggested schedule to realistically prepare dishes in advance without going crazy
  • schedule you can customize for your OWN schedule
  • a plan to prepare two dishes per week and have your COMPLETE holiday meal (mostly) prepared for reheating or popping in the oven
  • the easiest accessibility EVER! Even at Grandma’s or Aunt Edna’s, you can easily find what you need in Trello
  • the ultimate in customization. Your board will be YOURS and you can make it work for YOU.
  • Access to ALL FUTURE course materials, ebooks, printables and related materials.
  • BONUS: Authentic New Mexican holiday dishes – all easily frozen or prepped ahead of time

​*Sorry this tool won’t prevent demanding family members or heal any past feuds!​