Nutella Donuts with whipped cream

Productive Mama bottom line:  Three ingredients.  Ten minute bake time.  Kid friendly.  Delicious.

I haven’t posted recipes or food pictures, but NEED to this morning.  One thing I lack in life is an eye for photography, so my photos will be subpar.  So be warned!

My sister shared this super easy recipe for 3-Ingredient Nutella Donuts awhile ago.  Not only are there only three ingredients, but it bakes in ten minutes.  Nutella is expensive so I don’t make these often.  They are definitely a treat.

img_5693I used my silicone donut form, which makes for easy clean up.  The donuts just pop right out.  Check out the Epicure Bagel & Donut Pan! Then I inaugurated my brand new Pampered Chef Whipped Cream maker.  I had a catalog party and my items were delivered last night.  This lovely tool is easy to use, whips up the cream in a minute and cleans up quickly.  Two thumbs up!

Of course you don’t need these fancy tools to make this very easy recipe.  Try it out.  And as you make it, you have a built in excuse to lick the Nutella off all the cooking implements.


  1. LOVE these donuts! Haven’t made them in awhile, but I should. Tried my whipped cream maker a few days ago with apple cobbler and it was amazingly easy!

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