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Last week I encouraged you to check out Katie’s 10 Snacks Kids Can Make.  Did you try any of them? Or did you teach your kids to make a snack on their own, freeing up a bit of your time and energy for other endeavors?  If not, try it!  Make it a goal to teach your kids to make a simple snack on their own.

Are you nervous about letting your kids use knives?

Don’t be.  Start letting them do simple tasks with kid knives (or pumpkin knives).  It builds IMG_3366their confidence and soon they’ll be helping you, truly helping, in the kitchen. I loved when I could start delegating cheese grating and carrot chopping (see my youngest’s cute self, grating away a few years back—>). It freed me up to do the other tasks, decreasing my meal prep time.  It also got the kids invested in the meal, which often helps kids EAT the meal (though not a problem with my kids, the eating part).

If you’re still nervous about the kids handling knives or you’re not sure how to make the jump from kid knives to “real” knives, check out this $7 Knife Skills course.  Some of my readers probably grabbed this up before – I hope so!  If you did, let me know how it went for you.

I’ll be honest – I learned a few things myself!  And The Kid totally remembered the lesson and showed me what she learned the next time she was chopping something.  The Knife Skills Course is $7 right now.  I’m not sure how long that’ll last!

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