5 Practical Ways to Teach Your Kids All about Your Family Legacy

Most parents want to teach their kids a sense of family pride that spans across ages. It’s all about what we leave behind and how our family keeps going strong through the years. Here are five easy ways to help your kids get it and be a part of this amazing journey.

Tell Them Your Family Stories

Alright, storytime! But not just any stories – we’re talking about your family’s very own adventures. Remember how grandpa used to tell you about the time he…? Or that hilarious thing your aunt did at her wedding? Share these gems with your kids. Make it a regular thing, maybe during dinner or bedtime. It’s not just fun; it’s about making them feel like they’re part of something big and exciting. 

Make A Family Tree Together

Making a family tree is like putting together a puzzle of your own history and a super fun way to get your kids interested in genealogy. Grab some markers, paper, or even make it a digital project. As you add names to the tree, throw in fun facts or photos if you have them. Did great-great-grandma have a secret recipe for the world’s best cookies? Did Uncle Joe travel the world in a boat? This is a great way to show kids how they fit into this awesome story of your family.

Visit Where Your Family Came From

Time to pack some snacks and hit the road to visit the places your ancestors lived. This can be a surreal experience that really opens your kids’ eyes regarding their ancestors. When they walk the streets they walked, and see the houses they lived in. I might awaken an appreciation for where they find themselves today. And yes, visit the cemetery too. It might sound a bit spooky, but it’s actually super cool. Let your kids read their ancestors’ ledger headstones. It’s a powerful way to make the past feel real and show them that they’re part of a long, ongoing story.

Keep Family Traditions Alive

Do you have a special family recipe or a holiday tradition? Why not teach it to your kids. Maybe it’s baking grandma’s famous apple pie, or singing a song passed down from generation to generation. It’s a blast, and it gives them a real, hands-on connection to their heritage. These traditions are like secret handshakes that have been passed down, and now it’s their turn to learn them.

Create New Traditions Together

This one’s all about making new memories. Not all families are necessarily connected to their ancestors, whether by fate, accident or decision. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t start a legacy. Start a new tradition that’s just yours. Plant a tree in your backyard and watch it grow with your kids. Or how about a yearly family talent show? Whatever it is, make it fun and something everyone looks forward to. These are the stories and traditions your kids might pass on to their kids, adding new branches to the family tree.

Teaching kids about legacy is like showing them they’re part of a super cool club that goes way back and will keep going. By doing these fun and simple things, you’re helping them see they’re a big part of your family’s story and have a role in keeping it going. It’s a great way to help them understand how special and important they are in this big family adventure.

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