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Productive Mama Bottom Line:  These are amazing. I’ve gotten six months of constant, hard use out of my Jetz-Scrubz sponge and it works so well, not getting too nasty to use, no matter what I’m washing.  I’ve only just starting using the Nano Sponge as my counter and general wipe up sponge and so far, so good.  I’ve added a note about the Tuway Microfiber Sponge, as well.


Is it weird to get all excited about a sponge?  I mean, if you’re not Elaine from Seinfeld?  I’ve been doing dishes for decades.  What could be new in the world of dishes?  Well, a few years ago I started using micro-fiber sponges and had tried the “non-stick” kind that promise you eggs will come right off upon rinsing.  They were better, yes.  But I still had stinky, greasy sponges that needed frequent replacing.  Then Amazon somehow sensed I needed this sponge.  So I took a chance on a pricey sponge ($8 for a sponge, less per sponge when you buy more, of course).  And even my husband raved about the awesomeness of this sponge.  It lasted six months of constant abuse before it started crumbling a bit.  And I happily ordered another one.  $8 is average for a pack of sponges that might also last 6 months.  Except they wouldn’t work as well and would be stinky between uses.

What makes these things so great?  According to their website, they are the world’s best scratch-free scrubbers, with thousands of micro MAGI-SCRUBZ CELLS tripling every scrubbing motion.  Whoa.  They only say they are made with a unique proprietary “scratch free” material that won’t scratch anything.  And so far I’ve found that to be true.

From their website:
“Not under normal household kitchen use when used in a normal fashion using a solution of any type soapy water solution. It is not to be dry. We have been testing it since it was invented over 15 years ago and have never had a problem. Jetz Scrubz are made of a very unique combination of the finest American Made materials on the market. Years of R&D and extensive testing have been done in order to come up with the materials that are most wear and tear resistant. You will find, as our customers have, that you will get months, and often a year of use from one Jetz Scrubz. Therefore purchasing far fewer scrubber sponges that often are in a landfill within weeks of purchase.”

I never thought I could write so much about a sponge. In short, PROS:  looooong-lasting and DURABLE, works incredibly well, easily and thoroughly cleans in dishwasher, non-stink, fewer sponges in trash, MADE IN THE USA! CONS:  pricier, but not in the long run, not exactly sure what it’s made from.

Nano Sponge

So, in my kitchen I need two very different looking sponges.  That way no one gets confused about which one to do dishes with and which one is for wiping tables, counters  and stove tops.  So while I luuuuurv my Jetz-Scrubz sponge , I need another one right next to it.

The Nano Sponge is working out well so far.  Really great at cleaning greasy, messy countertops.  And there’s always something to wipe up here.  It’s meant to clean without water and has two surfaces made from their Nanolon fiber.  One is scrubby for stuck on stove top messes.  Added in 2017:  It is actually the PERFECT scrubbiness texture for wiping up sticky countertop messes.  The other is super absorbent to quickly wipe away messes.  And NO STINK!  I’ve only just begun using these, so don’t know about long-term durability.  But they so far work really well.  Added:  Long term, these do pretty darn well,

Another really cool sponge
Another really cool sponge

especially considering how much I use them.  Of course, they get stained and don’t look too pretty after a bit, but they do not stink and they are durable.  I have a confession. I used the SAME sponge for all of 2017.  It never stunk.  My husband was horrified when I admitted this to him.  I occasionally ran it through the dishwasher.  It never broke down and never stunk.  But I figured after a year it was time to end the science experiment!

Website Description:  “NanoSponges are made up of uniquely woven Nanolon fibres to maximize their cleaning properties and last at least twice as long as the average sponge sold in stores. Only water is required to get rid of food build up and hard to clean places. NanoSponges would also stay odor-free.”

They ARE bigger than most sponges, which could be an issue if you are having little helping hands take care of some of these household chores.  Another caveat:  I’m not sure how biodegradable these are, but again, we are hoping for fewer sponges in the long run.


Tuway Microfiber Sponges

I ordered these on a whim. There are some things I like about microfiber sponges.  I don’t use them for doing dishes but for wiping up counters.

Website description:  *Launderable. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Set out to air dry. *Perfect for applying wax, sealants or glazes. *The microfiber material is wrapped around a high grade foam pad that will easily mold around any surface your cleaning. Great for use in the kitchen, too. *Leaves no streaks or lint behind. *Provides great absorption while removing 98% of the bacteria and contaminents from surfaces.

I think I’ve determined that because they absorb and clean SO WELL, they get greasy and filmy and don’t last as long as I’d like, even when I tried washing and even boiling them.  But I think they would be great for other jobs.

BUT I was so impressed by this USA company.  I ordered these from Amazon.  A good while later, I received a HAND WRITTEN THANK YOU NOTE from this company.  No joke.  So yeah, if I decide I want a microfiber sponge again, this is where I’m going!

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