Using Alexa for Family Chores

Have you seen the video of the baby who thinks her name is Alexa because she hears it so much in her family?

Alexa is (almost) everywhere these days. That’s why I thought she’d be great to feature during Modern Parenting Month. But, I don’t HAVE Alexa ? . So I definitely welcome comments and suggestions as to how she helps in your household!

First, it seems just the novelty of using Alexa in a new way might get the kids motivated to use a new system. Take advantage of the novelty! Perhaps setting timers for fun things (snacks, water play, quiet reading time, screen time or play dates) along with responsibilities (feed pets, sweep, water flowers) will help Alexa become about reminders for fun and necessary tasks.

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Perhaps you can set Alexa to play favorite songs for five or ten minutes while your kids do their “Ten Minute Tidy.” Or maybe you can set that to randomly (or seemingly randomly) go off and make a fun game of it.

Now let’s move on to folks who know way more about using Alexa than I do.

Here are three Alexa skills to help manage chores, including random chore assignments to keep things “fair.”

These four Alexa blueprints will keep peace in the home when it comes to job division. I could be talking about the kids OR the parents here.

Paper chore charts not cutting it? Here’s how to make and use a chore chart with Alexa.
(You may recall I strongly suggest chore CARDS for kids instead of charts. See below.)

This is the Chore Chart blueprint recommended in some of the links above ?☝?

Of course, my favorite chore helpers are the House Fairy and Chore cards, like these. Perhaps Alexa could work with these? If you have ideas about this, let me know!

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