How I use Trello to Improve House and Home Life

Trello is a tool that has really upped my organizational and productivity game! It’s an app, BUT if you’re not a smart phone person, it works wonderfully on your PC, too. I use both options equally.

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I’d heard of Trello before but I use a few tools I love already and didn’t want to deplete my mental energy trying to figure out a new “thing.” BUT OH MY! Learning this has filled in where I had gaps. To reduce my learning curve and not waste time, I signed up for the

You do NOT need this course to use Trello! But it WILL decrease the time it takes to learn and you get some free “boards” to help you get going right away and to offer solid examples of use (think menus, weekly planning, budgets, and more. I have already adopted the camping list). You will also be soooo ready to use my Trello Products:
A downside to Trello: it’s SO flexible and can be used in SO MANY ways, I could see those new to online organizing crossing their eyes a little. But it’s worth the learning curve!

I highly recommend this FREE class, the Organize Your Life with Trello Mini Class, which shows you a few of the best ways to get started with Trello, helping you adopt it for menu or weekly planning. This mini class is probably enough to launch you into pro status.

I am using Trello where I have not been able to make good use of Evernote and Asana (two tools I love, but don’t seem as good for dynamically changing projects). The great advantage is that accessing Trello is so easy that all of those ideas that float around in my head, are forgotten and then resurface at inconvenient times can actually get written down and stored!
Here are the ways I use it that are making me smile SO BIG right now:
  1. on the go to-do lists (super accessible from every platform)
  2. list that have items with links: videos to watch (yeah, I know I sell a course with videos. but I also know it’s had to carve out time to watch them!), gift lists, wish lists, library books
  3. articles to read. Eventually.
  4. gift ideas. Way better with Trello! So much easier to keep track of ideas and what I actually HAVE.
  5. running Costco or Target lists
  6. youth group planning – so awesome for keeping track of those little pieces of info
  7. Middle School Lit class – I’ve started using this for planning my class and for organizing lessons.  Stay tuned for a video on this!
  8. School info and notes
  9. parent feedback for VIPKID! – I am SO  excited about this one that I made a video to share how I do this. I need to keep track of what I’ve told parents of my regular students, what rewards I’ve used, class issues, etc. This is SO AWESOME for feedback. I use it in conjunction with SpeechTexter for efficient feedback. In short, each student is a list, each list has a month card and each feedback in that month is a comment, which automatically dates the class for me. If it sounds confusing, it won’t after you spend ten minutes with Trello.
  10. Any cooperative endeavor where you have a role: PTO, bulk buying club, ministries, choir, women’s groups, homeschool groups, etc.
  11. Family Bulletin Board to keep the Teens and I on the same page in many areas. Here’s my video about that.
  12. Make Ahead Holiday Meal Planning
  13. Pantry Challenges
  14. Any household inventory or maintenance list
Here are the ways I know I should use Trello but haven’t yet:
  1. sync with google calendar
  2. more chrome extensions and power-up tools [even without these amazing (and free) options, Trello is still improving my life]
  3. alarms and reminders
  4. labels – I adopted this within the Make Ahead Meal Planner, but have not really adopted much otherwise
  5. groups and teams – including a freezer meal club!!!  What a great way to organize, schedule, share recipes and more.
Again, YOU DO NOT NEED TO PAY ONE CENT TO USE TRELLO! So check it out and see how it might help you, whether you have zero kids, eight kids, a homeschool class of 2, traditional classrooms and 75 students, run a business or are CEO of your home.
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