Untangling a Busy, Well-Stocked House before Moving Day

Moving house can be exciting and nerve-wracking, as it is often the start of a new life chapter. Unfortunately, it’s not as if you can click your fingers to get the perfect offer, move all of your possessions elsewhere, and then settle into your new home within a matter of moments. All of that takes time and real effort.

For the most part, the moving process is relatively straightforward, broken up into step by step tasks. However, even simple steps can feel quite intensive and taxing when they take so much physical and mental effort. This is especially true when you realize just how much stuff you have stored in and around your home. Sorting through all of that can feel like a gargantuan task, especially when you’re time-limited.

Let’s take a look at a few steps that will help on your moving journey, especially when it comes to organizing your possessions:

Separate & Label Each Item Into Simple Categories

It’s important to have plan for the items you have stored within the household. You may be shocked by just how many pieces of property there are, from old artificial Christmas trees in the attic from years ago, to possessions that you boxed and stored when you first moved in. Start by separating these into items to keep, items to throw out, and items to sell. In some cases, you may put certain items into storage, too. This way, you can attach a label to everything and keep them in accessible areas.

While you do this, use a tool like Trello to track where these items are so you don’t have to actually SEE the labels at all times to know where to track these items down later.

Planning with Removalists

Planning for removalists ahead of time can make moving day run smoothly. Sure, removalists bring your possessions from one place to another in a safe and prompt manner, but they can also offer specialist services you may need for convenience sake. For instance, you might plan to have your furniture taken first, and with capable interstate furniture removalists, this is more than possible. Next, you might plan to have your luxury items or important collections taken by themselves, or even bring some with you. When you can plan the process ahead of time, you feel that crucial peace of mind you deserve.

Again, clear labeling and a tool like Trello can keep you AND the removalists organized and clear about what goes where upon arrival in the new home.

Clear Out before Moving Day

Moving house is the perfect opportunity to clear out items that you no longer need or want. Decluttering is the name of the game, and deep-cleaning can also help you plan for the home inspectors that are sure to turn over every stone and look into every small corner to substantiate the sale. Here you can plan tasks such as removing utilities you hoped to take with you like the kitchen fridge, or switching off major energy provisions, internet and water supplies just before you move. Then the incoming family can set up their own utilities. Solid planning will help you avoid the nagging feeling you’ve forgotten something, which can plague your thoughts for the rest of the moving process otherwise.

With this advice, you’re sure to untangle a busy and well stocked house before moving day.

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