Top Tips For Balancing Work From Home And HomeSchooling

Many working parents have been thrown into a sudden change in the way their homes are run and used. Homes have now become places for relaxing, working, and homeschooling. This has made the balance between work and life much more difficult.

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With many people now working from home and schools going virtual, parents are now adding teacher to their list of qualifications. Whether you have moved your regular job from home, are now dealing with your Forex Trading from your kitchen table, or you have been juggling other work remotely, you are likely having to also find the time to teach your children times tables or reading, or at least check over their work. 

Although it may be difficult, who’s saying you can’t manage to do it all? No one! Let’s have a look at some of the things you can do to help:

Keep To A Consistent Schedule

One of the biggest keys to balancing an extremely busy schedule is finding blocks of time for school, work, family-time, and self-care. Whether you use a family planner, a big notice board where everyone can see what each person needs to do, a digital calendar or even email to communicate, planning and blocking specific times for work, school, and family fun keeps the time balanced well. 

Try To Adjust Your New Work Routine

If you have a spouse who is also working from home, think about splitting your schedule to cover the home schooling and childcare. This will enable each adult to focus on the tasks at hand without either having to neglect their responsibilities. The majority of workplaces have been extremely flexible with the new way of working and have offered different, and more flexible hours of work. One of the best things you can do is speak to your workplace and explain that you need a routine that includes homeschooling and make an offer of the hours that are best for you if your current hours aren’t family-friendly. In addition to considering your job’s needs and the children’s real time classes, consider nap times, meal times, higher and lower energy ebbs and flows, and even consider when a family member or sitter might be able to pitch in.

Set Children Up For Success

Whether it’s dedicated space on the dining table, a new personal desk, or a special learning space just for them, you will find that your children are able to concentrate better if they feel like they have the right environment for learning. They could even help to create the space by helping create and set up their very own work station with their laptop and books. Just like mom and dad!

Meal Plan

With everyone home so much more, some of my friends have commented on what an adjustment it’s been to have kids and teens eating SO MUCH and ALL DAY LONG. A simple meal plan will help you save money and time. And a lunch schedule for those school days will make sure everyone is nourished and ready to learn. Be sure your kids are helping make the food, too! For more tips, read 8 TIPS FOR FEEDING YOUR KIDS LUNCH EVERY DAY.

Embrace The Madness

Sometimes you just have to go straight through life’s messes, and this is certainly one of those times. To paraphrase Robert Frost, the only way out is THROUGH. Right now, working and schooling at home can’t be avoided. The dishes may pile up, the laundry may be overwhelming, technology may fail at times, and you may struggle to get your kids to learn some days. But it’s OK. Just embrace it and go with it. This is where homeschoolers have an advantage because we have accepted the messes of actually LIVING at home!

There will always be bad days scattered among the good days. Focus on what is important and keep positive. How are you coping? Please share some of your tips in the comments below.

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