Summer Vacation Survival Kit review*

*also applies to fall break, winter break, spring break, a long-lasting snow storm or just a long weekend with someone who may not be used to entertaining kids. Also great for mother’s helpers and babysitters!

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Can your kids entertain themselves independently? It comes more naturally to some than others, I know from experience.


Of course, they need help and guidance! If you’re struggling for ideas and relying too much on a screen, check out the Summer Vacation Survival Kit.


I love that the author has ideas that work for the NOT CRAFTY mama! She says:
“This Kit is full of activities non-crafty people could actually pull off without pulling their hair out. They’re frugal, simple, and still include a lot of room for kids to insert their own personalities and preferences. I think you’ll really love the practicality of having things ready to go ahead of time too!”


Yes, please. That’s me.


I love how these WILL get the kiddoes thinking – in a sneaky fun way! You can’t take the homeschooling out of this mom, I guess. So if you need a jolt of inspiration to make it through summer with your kids, take a look. See which ideas you can set up and then let the kids independently take over!  Including:

* Build using unique materials – totally frugal and eco-friendly!
* Backyard water explorations for all ages
* Artwork with common objects, simple, but out of the ordinary
* Challenges to stretch the minds of older kids
* Homemade silly putty, bubbles, sidewalk chalk and ice cream (no machine needed!)
Science investigations and adaptations to keep brains working
* Most activities fit just one child; many adapt to birthday parties or large family gatherings too!
Videos to show how recipes are supposed to turn out

My younger teen currently has a thriving babysitting business. I asked her to review this kit. She’s got a gift for young kids AND she’s not too far removed from being kid herself, so I thought she might have some insight. She thought ALL the ideas were awesome and is using them with her younger cousins on a visit as I type this. She said that, knowing herself, she’s less likely to pull together the projects that take more supplies, but that she will use several of these ideas because most of her families will have these supplies at home.


She gave it her “professional” thumbs up.  Check it out yourself here.  It’s less than $7.
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