Slash Your Grocery Bill – honest review

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I was lucky enough to preview Slash Your Grocery Bill by Crystal Paine! Here’s what I loved:

  1. she’s encouraging about meal planning (there’s no perfect way!)
  2. she incorporates smart use of your freezer (double love!)
  3. she reminds you how much you can save by making bread and how to make it easy
  4. she has a pantry challenge approach (you know I love me a pantry challenge)
  5. she has a balanced approach to whole foods
  6. she adds in some other money saving tips

MOSTLY, I love that she basically does much of what I have incorporated into my life, but explains it really well.  SO I DON’T HAVE TO!  It’s actually very difficult to break down your “systems” that become automatic in order to share them.  But she does it well here.​ Where I disagree:

  1. I’m a fan of organic, so that could be why her sample menu plan did not match my typical grocery prices
  2. I haven’t found couponing to be worthwhile for a mostly whole foods diet.  But if you are interested in couponing, she helps you there.
  3. I think once you adopt my No Knead Bread recipe, there is no need for a bread maker.  Not to be boastful, but I gave away my breadmaker after this recipe, as the bread was superior in every way (taste, ease, ingredient simplicity and quality).

All of Crystal’s approaches are very similar to mine so I give it two productive thumbs up, especially if you’ve never challenged yourself to save on groceries before. It’s well worth $17 for the hundreds you can save each month.

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