Should I Homeschool Next Year?

Are you considering homeschooling due to Covid? Whether it’s because you are nervous about contracting or spreading Covid 19 or because you don’t feel your children will get the education they need due to the new Covid policies, homeschooling is certainly an option for everyone.

If you’re really not sure IF you should homeschool, I’d like to help.

If you’re not sure HOW to start homeschooling, I’d like to help.

If you’re completely overwhelmed or don’t know where to start, let me help!

Check out my Covid Era Homeschool Series.

I put together a series of talks based on reader questions and concerns. The series was designed to help you decide IF you should homeschool and then HOW you should homeschool. Topics include:

  • Homeschooling vs school at home
  • Homeschool, socialization and pandemic isolation
  • Self motivation and parent as educational authority. Will they listen to me or just bicker!?
  • How to:  working parents, boundaries, schedules, home management
  • Lesson plans and curricula, esp with multiple ages
  • Homeschool co-ops: why and HOW?
  • Favorite Resources and general Q&A

Several of the talks include input from other seasoned homeschool moms, including a single mom who works full time and has homeschooled her two children. Access also includes the ability to ask questions and get the help you need.

To offset the costs of providing this information in this time of great need, I’ve instituted a pay-what-you-will model so that ALL families can afford this help.

Read about why I chose to homeschool here.

Should I Homeschool?
Considering homeschooling because of Covid? Not sure yet? Get my free video "Covid Homeschool vs. School at Home" and I'll help you decide and get started.
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