Review of Stress Mastery For Busy Moms Super Mini Course

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Stress Mastery (NOT Management) that’s Geared toward Moms

Are you a stress addict? It genuinely saddens me to see moms bragging about how busy and stressed they are. “Busy is NOT a badge of honor!” That’s one of the first things Katie Kimball, Certified Stress Mastery Educator, says in Stress Mastery for Busy Moms Super Mini Course. So I was open to learning more from that point out.

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I generally do not consider myself a stressed out person. I’ve always handled the typical ups and downs of life pretty well. Including some of the major ones. I only started paying attention to my own stress when I was recovering from a major trauma and could tell I was getting overwhelmed much more easily. So when I saw this course, I was eager to take it.

First, though, I needed to make sure this wasn’t going to be the same old thing? You know, “Exercise, eat healthy, do something you enjoy, meditate, etc?”

Quite simply? It’s not.

The crux of stress mastery is to learn how to USE your stress for good, to actually appreciate it, and then to use how our brains works to recharge. Some of the practical strategies do include some of those “same old, same old” recommendations, but it’s so much more. It sets the rhythm for the breaks you need and the “bottom up” BFF brain approach allows you to take a 30-second recharge that actually works.


  1. What is stress, and how does it hurt us? (and our families)
  2. How stress mastery is different from stress management? (Hint: You know you can’t just reduce your stress…this method validates that)
  3. How are you going to master your stress so you can live your life with your best health (and be the best peaceful mom you can be)?
  4. Super practical tools to recharge your system (that you can put into practice in just minutes a day)


  1. Three video seminars (just under 2 hours total)
  2. Downloadable audio files so you can listen to the presentations instead of watch
  3. Printable worksheets and skim notes to supplement your learning (and speed it up if you don’t have time for the videos, ahem, we get it, Mama)
  4. Text reminders to actually implement the strategies (imagine a friend reminding you to take time to breathe…) Be sure to share your cell number during checkout if you want to opt-in to this helpful addition!


  1. You’ll be validated through understanding that your stress means something.
  2. You’ll feel relieved that there is hope for positive change.
  3. You’ll be empowered with knowledge to improve your stress responses, reduce your temper, and become a more calm, peaceful (effective) mom!

Here’s what I personally loved:

  • Katie will help you find your stress signature. Knowing that can really be eye opening and productive.
  • She encourages approaching your stress with curiosity instead of judgement.
  • You will move from reacting to responding to stress. It’s a world of difference.
  • There was nothing woo-woo. Seriously, this is what I loved best. All the strategies are realistic and attainable!

But here’s one thing that may be confusing: Katie started out by emphasizing that busy is not a badge. But later we learn to understand that having stress means you are important to people. For some moms, this is a conflict! Katie’s point is valid. It’s that our stress as moms comes from our vital role in our families. We are important in those roles. But I often see moms play up or build up their stress and I wonder if that’s to prove their importance. You ARE important and being stressed is not the proof.

So if you’d like some solid, actionable ways to MASTER (not manage) your mom stress, the Stress Mastery For Busy Moms Super Mini Course is for you. If you’re ready to shed the stress badge of honor, this is for you. If you don’t have two full days or the budget to take a yoga retreat, this is for you.

And if $35 is not too much for your physical and mental health, a thriving marriage and more peaceful parenting, this is for you.

You know, at first I wondered why the heck she called it a “super mini course.” But after taking it I realized it’s because the course is super packed with the info you need, but not way too long and involved. It’s less than three hours and even less if you prefer to read instead of watch/listen. And it gets straight to the heart of the matter. No fluff. Get your access here.

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