Productivity Bundle Review (68 products worth $2837.06)

I’m genuinely happy that the Productivity Bundle will be available through December 31, 2020! Why?
First, so many productivity products are geared toward folks in the traditional work force or in specific fields (teaching, for instance). This bundle has resources for moms in all walks.  And since my blog is “Productive Mama” you can probably get that mama-centered productivity tools tend to appeal to my audience!

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2. From Procrastinating to Productive Mama
Yup, this bundle includes my ebook/ecourse geared to help MOMS overcome procrastination with realistic strategies and accessible tools.  If you’d love to truly be on top of your to-do list and conquer some long term projects, I’ll help you.  Learn more here OR get it as part of the Productivity Bundle.  
3. Organize Your Online World
This workbook and video by Rachel Norman shows you an easy method to organize your email, apps and phone to get things done and prevent mindless scrolling.  I STARTED USING HER EMAIL SYSTEM to keep my business inbox at zero! Definitely check this out! Might be my top pick. ‘Cause I kinda thought that was impossible until she showed me how.
4. Time Blocking 101

This workbook by Donna Shenk will help you create structure in your days so you can manage your tasks well. Time blocking is a method that encourages focus by eliminating distractions, helping you to get more done. This resource gets right to the heart of the matter.  I truly believe time blocking can help most people struggling with time management, even moms of newborns!

5.  Productive by Design: Use Brain Science to Get More Done

This $197.00 ecourse by James Garrett shows you brain-based strategies that will help you supercharge your focus and dominate distraction. A GREAT COMPLIMENT to my resource if you do better understanding the WHYs of distraction.  This four part video series explains more about the science behind why we get distracted, why we procrastinate and why our will power fades.  $197 is pretty steep for my budget but so I was HAPPY to take advantage of bundle pricing.

6.  Time Management Mindset Shift

In this short video presentation by Laura Shaw, you will learn how to shift your mindset so you can manage your time well in a way that’s realistic for your busy life. A great HALF HOUR talk/video (I can manage that)! Her mindset suggestions really compliment my Procrastinating to Productive system! She touches on expectations, distractions and prioritization in a concise and direct way. Comes with a Time Blocking Workbook, too! Listen to what she says while looking at your matrix (from my course).

This is only 5 of the 60-something products in this bundle. To see AAAALLLLLL the goodness……

Learn More!

 This curated collection of resources will help you:
    • Set clear goals and priorities so you’ll use your time wisely
    • Create productive routines so you won’t fall behind
    • Deal with distractions instead of getting sidetracked
    • Get started with tasks instead of procrastinating
    • Find the energy to be productive all day instead of burning out
The Ultimate Productivity Bundle was created and curated by people with real life responsibilities just like you: they have families, work part- to full-time jobs or run businesses, don’t have personal assistants or the budget for hiring lots of extra help.
They want to help you (and themselves) conquer your to-do list, free up more time for yourself, and reach your goals.
When you buy the Ultimate Productivity Bundle you’ll get access to:
  • 10 eBooks
  • 29 eCourses
  • 28 printables & workbooks
  • and more!

These were MY favorite products.  But YOU might have other products that speak to where you are right now. Find those.  Don’t expect all 68 products to be what you need. But if you find a handful, you’re sure to find the bundle to be a great value at $67, or less than $1 per product.

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