One and Done Workout Review

PM Bottom Line: This program is great for recovery or a mom who might be out of shape and wanting to reclaim her fitness safely and with lots of safe and non-intimidating options.

While I’m not a fitness or health blogger, I do like to share ways for busy moms to reach their goals. I’ve shared why I love Essentrics and now want to share another movement program that has benefitted me. I purchased this several years ago on my own (I’m now an affiliate, full disclosure) and at that time didn’t really take to it because I was still happy with my routine. I’ve never been great at doing home workouts. I get bored. But this one was short and I liked the idea of having some options for when I couldn’t make it to my group classes.

This post no longer contains affiliate links, due to One and Done’s parent company’s policy. If you’d like to order One and Done AND support my site, please reach out and I’ll get you a link 🙂

In June 2019 I was in the big bus crash. My fitness goals became very focused: recover and walk! A year later (during Covid closures) I was getting ready to step things up a bit but I just couldn’t talk myself into doing my group classes online. It just didn’t resonate with me. And I remembered One and Done.

It was perfect for where I was and AM at. I wanted to start rebuilding my fitness without frustration or risk of injury. This program is great for recovery or a mom who might be out of shape and wanting to reclaim her fitness safely and with lots of non-scary options!  One and Done is not overwhelming for a newbie or someone with an injury.  Just what I need.

What IS One and Done?

One and Done is a series of videos. The program works on the premise of Sprint Interval Training, with a series of dynamic and strengthening bodyweight movements that only require 7 minutes a day. Of those 7 minutes, there are three 20-second intervals when you push yourself, thereby the One (minute) and Done name. The other 6 minutes are two minute intervals of “active recovery.” In other words, you give as much effort as you possibly can for 20 seconds and ONLY 20 seconds. The creator, Meredith Shirk, promotes her series of moves as moves that activate “metabolic multipliers” to kick start your metabolism.


  • Brief – only 7 minutes per workout! Ummmm, that’s a huge pro!
  • Contained – you don’t need a lot of space
  • Super adaptable for those with injuries or those building up their fitness levels. Or adaptable if you are already fit. You can probably start at the higher level.
  • Detailed DEMO videos – these separate videos allow me to learn the moves and ALL the adaptation options. Now that I’ve gone through all the beginner videos once, I don’t have to watch the demos, unless I need to review. I just jump into the real workout.
  • Buildable – you can “layer” the workouts as you improve or build your fitness. I started doubling up the Beginner workouts. I then tried to move to Intermediate, but wasn’t ready for that. Intermediate moves are faster and a little more intense. I’ll get there eventually.
  • Non-intimidating – Shirk is great at offering lots of options for you.
  • Low cost – there’s a one time fee of (at the time of writing) $29. This is small compared to monthly classes.
  • “Real” host/guide. Yes, she’s thin but she’s obviously real and not wearing skimpy and overly “sexy” outfits.
  • No special equipment needed. If you have balance issues, a chair might be nice. And a towel or mat works for floor exercises, though if you have carpet, you’re probably just fine. But otherwise it’s all body weight – no bands or weights or machines. I even do it barefoot.
  • Variety – Shirk has TONS of other free workouts on YouTube or from her email list. You could probably put together your workouts from those, but I do like having the Dashboard for One and Done.
  • Time based, not rep based – Some of the moves are harder for me and I go slower. Some I can go faster. As long as I keep my form, I do my best for the prescribed time, and am less worried about pacing.
  • Portable. If you have internet, you can access this from anywhere. Great for traveling, especially considering the small area you need.
  • In-home. Great during Covid or for anyone who does well with home workouts. Also great if you like to exercise in un-matching, ill-fitting clothing! Which is why I won’t be publishing a photo of me DOING the exercises. ?


  • There’s a long video intro from my affiliate link. If you’d like to skip it and/or prefer to read, find the three-bar menu and choose HOME or GET STARTED for more written information.
  • You need internet or the ability to download the videos once for replay later.
  • In-home. Not great if you are someone who needs a real live person pushing you.

For myself, I have really enjoyed gently challenging myself. I do have to modify some of the moves for my ankle/leg but it’s so easy to do with Shirk’s suggestions. I do get just sore enough after the 7 minutes. I rotate these with walking and Essentrics.

Shirk also has a nutritional component that you can check out, called MetaBoost.

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