Natalie Attired – detailed review of this StitchFix alternative

Natalie Attired is closing up shop as of September 2021.  🙁  They are having a great going-out-of-business deal until then so take advantage!
PM Bottom Line:  if you need high quality clothing and hate (or don’t have time for) shopping, consider Natalie Attired, (quoted from their website) “A personalized, convenient, fun “try before you buy” clothes shopping experience for women. Based on your unique style profile, we’ll send you a collection of five coordinates from a wide variety of quality contemporary brands to create the looks you’ll love.”  Here’s my detailed (yeah, that means long) review to help you decide if Natalie Attired might be right for you.    FOR A DETAILED SUMMARY LIST OF PROS AND CONS, GO TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST!

I had heard of StitchFix awhile ago and it interested me.  This type of services “curates” a collection of clothing for you based on your stated preferences and having you work with a stylist.  You then pay about $20 per delivery (It’s a styling fee, actually), which is credited to you if/when you purchase ANY item from the shipment.  You keep what you like and return what you don’t want, with a discount for keeping every piece.

I don’t like shopping.  I have three girls and they are cursed with a mom who does not enjoy taking them shopping. Sorry, girls.  Perhaps if I had unlimited time and money, I would enjoy it more. Anyway, I liked the idea of a service that considered my wants, needs, lifestyle and body to find clothes that work for me. But the subscription part of it intimidated me, so I never made the jump.

Then almost two years ago,  the founders of a clothing company I like (ethically made clothes made in the USA) started a similar company called Natalie Attired, whose tagline is “Smart Style Delivered.”  I supported their initial funding campaign and looked forward to receiving the first box and a good chunk of bonus credit that came with the contribution.  I started jotting down notes of things to tell them so they could make the best choices for me.  I filled out the questionnaires to the best of my ability, getting as detailed as I could.  And then I waited.

Not me, but someone else happily unboxing her Natalie Attired goodies.
Not me, but someone else happily unboxing her Natalie Attired goodies.

Home run.  Every. single. piece.  (Except a scarf. I updated my profile to be clear that I am not interested in accessories).  I received:

  • ~ a pair of jeans. That I wear all the time, are comfortable and stylish.
  • ~ a pair of dress pants.  That I wear all the time, are comfortable and stylish.  I wore this to my daughter’s confirmation.
    ~a long sleeve shirt.   I also wore this to her confirmation.
    ~a beautiful top that I can’t describe well but didn’t keep simply for budget purposes.  I had something fairly close to it so couldn’t justify keeping it.
Each piece was high quality and well made.  I am still wearing them regularly a year and half later.

One thing I like about NA is that you do not have to commit to a monthly box. When you are ready for one you can request one.  So I didn’t get another box until nine months later.  They were running a sale and I used some Christmas money for it.  All of THOSE pieces were home runs, too!  Unfortunately, my budget won’t all for them all.  Doesn’t it just figure the highest priced ones were the ones I kept?  I struggled with a few of them.  But again, the ones I kept are the staples of my wardrobe! That order included:
~a pair of black pants.  That I wear all the time, are comfortable and stylish.  I can dress them up or down.
~a dark blue and black striped tunic.  The Teen loved that one when I showed her.  I love this piece. So of course it was the most expensive one. I’ve got a knack.
~a black cardigan.  Simple and now a staple, but I did struggle with the price.
~a dress.   I didn’t think it was very flattering, but that was probably my own issue.  I did love the color/texture.
~a shirt.  That I remember liking but had to cut for budget.

So both times I kept 3 of 5 pieces and each time I was sad I couldn’t keep more!  I’m going to assume they are very good at their jobs AND that I gave them lots of detailed information to help find the best pieces for me.  Some of the information I included:

  • No watches or bracelets or scarves
  • No dry clean only, but hand wash is fine
  • For tops I prefer natural fibers (cotton, Linen, wool)
  • Enjoy color, shy away from patterns but I am willing to try!
  • I also love black and stripes
  • Enjoy textures
  • Avoid short skirts and dresses. Tend to wear skirts and dresses with tights in the winter. And longer lengths in summer.
  • I work at home but occasionally do trainings and meetings, which require being put together while still being able to lift/haul supplies (no longer applies, but did at the time!)
  • Prefer normal bras and undies – only get me dresses and pieces that don’t require special undergarments
  • Petite pants
  • Play guitar in church choir and am very involved at church (again, need to be casual, but put together)
  • Tend to like streamlined outfits, not ones with layers, pieces or parts
  • No animal prints!  And I don’t tend to wear plaid, but might consider it.
  • 3/4 sleeves work great for me
  • Longer tops to cover belly
  • I love white but avoid it because I can’t keep it clean!
  • I’m Short waisted/High waisted
  • Rarely wear heels
  • Made in USA/America preferred


I promise I’m sharing this not to bore you or share TMI about my undergarment preferences, but to help you brainstorm if you ever try out one of these services.  I think the more you can share about your likes, dislikes and lifestyle, the easier it is for the company to successfully find pieces you will love.


OK, let’s talk price.  The range of pieces (I chose the lowest pricing level) has been from $40-$90, but I’ve shopped sales so tend to get a percentage off that.  Now, for some people, that’s a LOT.  And for others, that’s not so bad.  For me, it’s a splurge to spend that on clothing, BUT, in my experience, the clothing has been very high quality. And in my experience I’m getting a great amount of wear from each piece, making cost per wear quite low (compared to cheaper quality clothes that I wear out on me much sooner).

Natalie Attired Logo (2) - Copy

So, Natalie Attired might be good for:
women who are willing and able to pay for well made clothing
women who work and need a durable, professional wardrobe
women who dislike shopping
women who have no time to shop
women who need a little help in the fashion department (who, me?)
women who are fashionable and might enjoy being experimental or the element of surprise
women who might be hard to fit (they take your actual measurements into consideration)


Natalie Attired CONS:
Cost.  StitchFix might be cheaper? I don’t know for sure, as I don’t have direct experience with them. Only internet review experience.  These are not low-cost pieces.  It’s a splurge for me.


Quality. The clothing I’ve received has been excellent quality.
Styling.  The clothing I’ve received has been perfect for me and my lifestyle!  And I admit to needing some help in the fashion department.
No subscription required. You can choose a regular delivery schedule if you like or just request a shipment when you want one.
Super Easy.  Prepaid packaging to send unwanted items back.
An option to state a preference for USA-made items.
Sizes 2-24


I wish I could afford to order more regularly.  I feel like they’ve been spot-on with my first two orders and each piece I’ve kept has absolutely become a wardrobe staple:  comfortable, durable, and

Typically you receive 20% off the listed retail price if you keep all the items NA sends you.  But for their one year anniversary (July 2017) they are offering 20% off when you keep 1-4 items and 30% off if you keep all five items.  A great time to check them out.


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