Mommy Makeup Review – love me the Mommy’s Little Helper concealer

I have made it very clear that I am no beauty blogger. I have done several beauty product reviews, all of them with a focus toward how the products can save time or money, making for a more productive mama lifestyle. I’ve realized that when it comes to makeup, I just don’t wear enough to show any difference in photos, though, so I’m not the best example. BUT I just HAD to share Mommy Makeup with you.

I received no incentive or payment for my review. I paid for the concealer and foundation and received the brushes and lip products to review in addition to the face products. There was no expectation except my honest review, which I have offered here.  As I was happy with the products and think they are a good fit for my audience, I have included affiliate links in this post.  Please see my entire affiliate disclosure here.  

Those darn facebook ads. They really know what they’re doing over there! The ad that caught my eye was a video of the company owner and produc developer applying the makeup to herself to show how easy it is. And I couldn’t resist the company name! What makes it mommy makeup? It was developed by Debra to do the work of several products and cut down on both the number of products and the time needed to “put on your face.” OK, sounds great. I like that.

But what REALLY caught my eye?

The Send In Your Selfie feature. I’m horrible at choosing the right colors and I hate risking my money knowing I might pick the wrong color. Plus, I’ve got weird coloring. I’m half asian, but I have freckles and reddish hair. So I always struggle there. But with SIYS, Debra, the owner and a professional makeup artist, reviews your photos and suggests colors for you. AND you get a $10 gift card for Mommy Makeup. It was super easy to do. Debra then emailed me directly, requested another photo to help her make the right choice and then sent me the best colors for the products I was interested in. She also suggested a few other items, but there was NO pressure at all.

So I purchased the Mommy’s Little Helper Concealer and the Mineral Dual Powder Foundation in the recommended colors. Debra offered to send me the triple stick and lip gloss to review and no promises were made by me at ALL.

While I waited for the items, I watched some videos on how to apply the concealer and foundation. I’m no expert, so maybe you all know the tricks Debra shared already, but I picked up a few and, crazy as it sounds, “studied” how to use what I had ordered.

The package arrived QUICKLY. Yay!

The colors were perfect. Yay, again.

And surprise, I absolutely LOVE the More Than Lip Gloss. Love it. I don’t know if it’s that the color is great for me (Debutante, if you’re curious) or that it feels moisturizing. Or both. But it’s my new go-to. I don’t love the Triple Sticks Lipstick and Cream Blush as much, but it’s going in with my travel make up because I do love that it’s both blush and lipstick.

I received these items seven weeks ago and have been using them regularly. I wanted to really test them out before sharing them with you. Here’s the breakdown:

I love that the makeup is made in the USA!!!  Debra did a good post on why this matters.  And here’s my post on other USA made goods.
I love how easy they are to apply.
I love how natural they look. That’s what I need for every day life. I don’t have much occasion to do dramatic makeup. But when I do, I find myself grabbing the Maskcara set I reveiwed here. That gives me what I consider a dramatic look, but what others probably do not. I really find I prefer Mommy Makeup for my every day look and have been using it consistently.
I love the Mommy’s Little Helper concealer. I could just use that most days, really. This is a three in one product:

  • Wear on the lid as a shadow base or to even out any discoloration
  • Wear it as an under eye concealer
  • Use to cover up for blemishes or imperfections on the face

I did get the brush that’s suggested to use with it. I don’t know how much that contributes to the experience.

Here’s how I know I’ve embraced this make up: I needed to pack it for a trip. When I travel I try to pare down while still bringing products with some stay that will help me look OK in photos. And this time there was no question that I’d be bringing this set.

Oh, Debra has a video showing you how to use this set more like liquid foundation. After all these weeks, I’ve found a middle ground for when I want a little more coverage and stay. I use primer, still apply the concealer the “regular” way but dab it in with a dabber-thingy and finish it off with a heavier application of the Mineral Dual Powder foundation.

A few cons:
I don’t know that it stays as long as other products, but it does fine for me. I use primer if I want more staying power.
It’s not drugstore cheap. It’s not made in China, remember?!  It’s not department store crazy expensive, either.  And there IS a reward program.  Oh yeah, here’s that link for my Pretty Perks program reward.  You get $10 if you use this link, too.  It looks fairly generous so if you like the makeup, that will help you over time.
Not everyone wants to embrace the mommy-ness here. But have no fear you do not need to be a mommy to benefit.  While Debra, IS a mommy, she’s also a still a makeup artist.  It was becoming a mommy that led her to create this line.  But it works for all!

I stink at before-after photos. Like I said, I don’t wear enough for the difference to show up in photos. But here’s the video I recently show when I’m wearing the makeup as suggested by Debra.

So, if you’d like to try it out, take advantage of the Send in Your Selfie feature!! You’ll get a $10 coupon and know you’re choosing the best colors for you.


For Black Friday, I took advantage of some great sales PLUS my “rewards” from my initial purchase.  I loved that I could stack those!  I basically got the Everlasting Eye Set.  It includes Gel Eyeliner and Any Wear Cream.  Both of these have become staples.  Maybe all gel eyeliners are great and I have just been living an eyeliner-deprived life, but I really love this eyeliner.  It lasts all day and looks great.  It’s got “semi-permanent micropigments.”  Apparently that is what I’ve been needing.  I thought it was only for cat eyes, but no, it’s also for wrinkling eyes!!

Any Wear Creme is is a multi-tasking creme-to-powder product that can be worn on the eyes, cheeks and lips. With its water-proof, smudge-proof finish Any Wear Creme is ideal for long days when you will have no time for touch ups.  I got the color “Anna,” which is a rosy beige. I use this everywhere, even on my lips.  Two thumbs up.

The kit includes the brushes, which you may or may not need.  If you have a skinny little eyeliner brush, you may be set.  All of these items together sell for $58.99.  If you skip the brushes and the bag, the Any Wear Creme is $22.  Eyeliner is $19.99.  Being budget-minded, I would take advantage of the Send in Your Selfie feature and the accompanying $10 gift card.  OR get on the mailing list and wait for a great sale.  But these two are definitely staples for me now.

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I might benefit in some way. Please feel free to check out the full affiliate statement and disclosure here.


  1. Sounds like a great option for busy moms! Would love to know if Mommy Makeup has any long-lasting options for a hectic day?

    1. There is a primer to help with that and I believe they have a mascara treatment that makes mascaras waterproof, as well. The Any Wear Creme is VERY long lasting and the eye liner gel is, too! Thanks for reading!

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