Magnetic Laundry System Review

Bottom line:  seriously consider this, especially if you like the idea of avoiding detergents for ANY number of reasons.
My mom gave me a great gift last Christmas:  The Water Liberty Magnetic Laundry System.  My mom knows me pretty well. I like gifts that
 1. are practical
2. make my life easier
3. save me money
4. keep on giving.  That is, can be used long term.
5. Bonus if they are environmentally friendly, reducing any guilt when I actually use the gift!
This gift hits all those high points.


The Magnetic Laundry System (MLS) is a set of powerful magnets that are placed in your washing machine.  They generate a magnetic field that changes the surface tension of water (as do chemical detergents), which releases the dirt and oils in your clothing.  Skeptical?  Yeah, I get it.  I withheld judgment until I gave it several tries.
They're kinda cute, no?
They’re kinda cute, no?


Though skeptical, I was excited by the concept. I could possibly greatly reduce or even eliminate my detergent use.  So there could be considerable cost savings.  Second, part of what makes clothing hold stink is that those detergents don’t wash completely out of the fibers and hold on to the odor.  So perhaps I could eliminate odors. Third, people with chemical sensitivities could greatly benefit from going detergent free.  Fourth, I wouldn’t need to figure out which detergents to buy, which ones to use for what loads, which ones changed their formulas, etc.  It would be easy to know I’ve reduced my environmental footprint, as well as reduced my mental energy in running a load of laundry.

My first load came out smelling like…..nothing.  Which is great!  I used and continued to use cold water, though the company says hot water is best.  Over time we had a few “normal” stains that came out.  But then one day, I was faced with the ULTIMATE was test:  CAT PEE!


If you have dealt with cat pee, you understand this challenge.  The stuff stinks and does not come out. It might take a few washes (with detergent) OR the use of one of those pet stain treatments.  And you definitely want to get it in the washer right away.  Well, I went downstairs and noticed the smell.  I searched around and found the culprit – a bath mat.  How long had it been there? I’m not sure.  Just a few hours, most likely.  I put the bath mat in the wash and ran it JUST with the MLS and hot water.  I kid you not, the bath mat emerged ODOR FREE.  I was thrilled.


The cat peed again. I tossed the offending item in, but this time with cold water. The odor was still faintly there. I ran it again with hot water and it was perfect.  So I learned that hot water is definitely helpful when you have something extra challenging.


NOTE:  I’m not sure what was up with the cat. She’s young and had just returned home from the sitter after our holiday trip, so maybe she was just acting out. She hasn’t peed in the house since.


I have continued to use the MLS, so as of this writing, it’s been about two whole months. Which in our home is many, many loads of laundry.  Any clothing items with persistent stink have not gotten stinkier, but may have some remaining stink, which I keep under control by using the MLS along with the Atsko detergent I review here.  Or if something does seem to get stinky, I run it with Atsko.  And, of course, if the item can tolerate hot water that will go a long way.

Criticisms and Cautions

I have created a list of criticisms about this system. Most of these are raised by people who have not tried the MLS.  In addition, I would issue the following cautions:
This might NOT work for folks who prefer their clothes smelling “fresh.”  I mean, these don’t come out smelling like anything. If you like a hint of lavender, ocean breeze or citrus sunshine this will not do it for you.  Also, if you are of the belief that detergent kills germs, this might not suit you.  Really, it’s hot water that does that, so you can still relieve your germ worry with this system.  And if your water is too anything (hard, soft, whatever), your results may greatly vary. All I know is this has worked very well for my family.  So much so that I am willing to give it the Productive Mama thumbs up and signed up as an affiliate.  I can only share that they are working wonderfully for US.

In closing, my typical routine now is to leave the magnets in the washing drum, toss in my

My actual magnets
My actual magnets

dirty items, run the load on cold water and press start.  I haven’t had to buy any detergent and don’t plan to for quite awhile!


ORDERING NOTES:  Yes, you can probably find this on amazon, but if you buy from my link, you are supporting Productive Mama. And you’re going to pay about the same.  Visit here.
  I also use their Nano Sponge and Nano Towels.  Have questions about any of them?  Just comment below!
Additional useful info to help your decision making:

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  1. I’ve really been enjoying my magnets. It makes doing laundry even faster b/c you remove a whole step in the process (measuring/adding detergent). It doesn’t seem like much, but seriously, now I just toss clothes in and push start!
    I’ve been mostly using them on cold or warm, almost never hot. If I feel like a load is extra stinky or dirty, I’ll add a little detergent or select the “more soiled” option on my washer.
    It is true that if you want your laundry smelling like something then you might not like these, but I don’t need that. Also, I want to try using essential oils on my dryer balls to impart a scent. That might be a good way to go if you do want your laundry having a scent.
    Also love the chemical-free aspect of these!!

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I don’t know many other people who have used these to hear of actual experiences and not just theoretical beliefs. Appreciated!

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