Magnetic Laundry System Criticisms

I’ve created a detailed list of criticisms of the MLS to go along with my MLS Review.  This is not an open invitation for angry argument, but an offer of food for thought for those who are seriously and carefully considering investing in this system.


Criticisms of the MLSMy Take
Water by itself (along with the washer's agitation) is sufficientPerhaps. If anyone only washes with water, please share your experience! I do know that I have washed items stained with cat pee in hot water with detergent and had to re-wash them (with pet stain treatment) to remove the odor. And when I used the MLS with hot water it took only one wash.
It's the residual detergent in your machine that's cleaning the clothes, not the magnets. I totally believe that detergent sticks around for a long time. BUT It's been a few months since using detergent AND before that I primarily used Atsko, which works on the premise of leaving absolutely NO residue.
Magnets don't attract dirt and stains out of the fabric.Magnets attracting dirt is not the premise of how these work.
The science just isn't there.Perhaps not. I'm not testing the science as much as I'm testing the results I desire. I'm not schooled enough to argue with anyone about the science of water tension, though my own online research has shown me the thoughts on this vary widely, as do study results with nothing definitive either way (Meaning some claim there's just no proof magnets can change water surface tension, yet not showing proof they do not. And some studies showing a 10% change.) Also, most are discussing pure water, which none of us are likely to have going through our washing machines.
It's quackery, a scam or pseudoscience.I'm probably not the best person to use this argument with since I've seen success with herbs, homeopathy and other alternatives not backed by scientific studies. I also don't accept the science that proves the safety of fluoride and six immunizations at once for a two month old. So I might be a quack.
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