Would you like a Garden that Matters? Freebies to help you.

Do you have ambitions to start growing some of your own food (even just a leeeetle bit of it?) or improve your garden?  Do the words “soil amendment” scare you?  Is composting a little creepy?  Do you feel like working on a garden while wrangling young kids would be impossible?

DOES GARDENING OVERWHELM YOU?  Amy Landers from Gardens That Matter is here to help my readers.  Woohoo!

BUT, we need to know EXACTLY what kind of help you really need. Once Amy knows  where you’re stuck, she is going to just GIVE YOU that help here at Productive Mama.  Wha?  Really?  Yes!  Fill out Amy’s survey so she knows what kind of help you Productive Mamas need.

Everyone who completes the survey will receive access to the Gardens That Matter Quick Start to Composting video course.  For FREE.

And if you do so by THIS FRIDAY, Feb. 24, at noon (EST), can be entered to win The Happy HGG Composting Cover 640pGarden Guide to Composting digital book and bonuses.  You’ll simply enter when prompted, if you want to, during the survey.  Folks, this book is great!  Even if you have experience composting, you’ll learn something new and be motivated to step your compost game up a notch.  And if you are a complete beginner, you will feel confident getting started after reading this book.  I was privileged to preview a copy and was really impressed.

So take a few minutes to fill out the survey and get ready to really improve your soil and garden this year.

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  1. Looking forward to working on something for this awesome group of Productive Mamas! I garden with three boys (5 & under), so I know how challenging and how rewarding it can be. I’m excited to hear from you. 🙂

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