Less Stressed, Healthier Families? Yes, Please!

I feel like this November has already been trying. The election. More shut downs in my state (not going to church is trying for many of us!). The holidays are looming. And for many, virtual school isn’t working very well. And we are realizing it might be the game plan next year, too. It’s an Accumulation of Stress!!!!! And not just for moms, but I’ll bet your kids are feeling it, too.

The timing is perfect for Katie Kimball’s five star presentation, “Building Less Stressed, Healthier Families.” And you can accomplish this with something you’re already doing and is already built into your schedule – meal times!

We ALL need this. I will be there at this LIVE event and hope I can maybe catch you there, too? I’m super honored to be a panelist, but it’s Katie you really want to catch. Katie’s talks are seriously CAN’T MISS because she keeps it real. And you get take-aways you can immediately apply. It’s what I love about her!


“Building Less Stressed, Healthier Families” is great for rookies to healthy eating, busy moms who want to supercharge dinnertime with brain science, and any parent who wishes their kids would eat more vegetables with less complaining. Kids cooking teacher and certified stress mastery educator Katie Kimball will share about:

  1. Brain-Based Eating: Finding Peace at the Dinner Table with Simple Strategies for Mental and Physical Health
  2. Making Every Second of Dinnertime Count: Mealtime Routines that take 30 Seconds but can Improve Digestion and Family Connection
  3. The One Most Important Habit to Teach Kids About Eating (& it Has Nothing to Do With Healthy Food!)
  4. Super Practical Action Steps for Busy Parents – You’ll Leave Feeling Like You Know Exactly What to Do (& that it’s totally possible!)
  5. What do we Eat? Top 3 Easy, Healthy Foods Plus 2 Things I Never Let my Kids Eat (and 1 I Wish I Didn’t)
  6. 3-Step Process to Get Kids to Eat More Vegetables Without Stressing You Out
  7. The Trump Card – How Will Your Kids Buy Into All This???

As one mom said: “Love this! Great practical tips that are not too intimidating. Super motivated to do better (even before this) but now feeling like I know where to start. Thank you!” Katie’s got 100% “5” ratings from the audience on both the practical content and the engaging delivery – imagine if you found a product on Amazon with an actual “5-star” rating?! This is worth your time! I never hesitate to recommend her live events. Any that I’ve attended have been chock FULL of valuable information you can put in place right away.

Join me I join Katie on Wednesday, November 18 at 1pm EST (10am PST) for this amazing event.

Have a pressing question you’d like to ask Katie? Contact me OR comment below. I will get it to Katie. No guarantees, but I’ll also have it there at the event and will do my darndest to get it answered.

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  1. Hello Amylee! Such an enlightening post for all moms. I always tried to cook something interesting and funky for my kids, by which they could finish their food on time. And yes, I also wish that my kids finish food as well as vegetables too, because it’s very important for their growth. I would like to say thanks for these helpful tips, And, I am sure that these tips will work for my kids too. Keep sharing!!

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