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PM Bottom Line:  if you have kids who need encouragement to clean their rooms or help out around the house AND you have no issues with Santa Claus and fairies, this might be just what you need.  If you are finding yourself resentful about cleaning up after your kids, this program may add some fun and magic to your days.  Click here to see a little video intro of the House Fairy.
DO YOU AVOID FAIRIES/SANTA/ETC?  Try this approach to getting kids to pick up.


Ten years ago, back in 2008 (gah!!), I was blessed to discover The House Fairy program.  Now ten years is a lifetime when it comes to technology, so the program has been improved and changed some since then.  But at the time, armed with a special font, a few fun videos and some glitter, I joyfully deceived my children into thinking clean rooms were rewarded by a lovely House Fairy. 


My basic overview:  The House Fairy comes to inspect the children’s rooms.  If things meet her standards, she leaves a prize. If they do not, she does not.  But you know she was there, thanks to the fairy dust she leaves in her wake.  Sometimes she leaves a note, too.


And the official overview from the House Fairy website:
The House Fairy is based on the simple premise that if kids adore Santa Claus and are extra good around Christmastime, why wouldn’t a loving grandma-type fairy inspire them to be good year-round?
The House Fairy’s video-based programs have kids from more than 25,000 families happily cleaning their rooms, helping around the house, getting along with siblings and minding their parents…and not just in December, but all the time.


Why? Because the children are told that if they follow the Official House Fairy Rules, the House Fairy will inspect their good deeds while they sleep or are out, and she’ll leave a surprise (and a little fairy dust doesn’t hurt). In the videos, the House Fairy teaches, inspires, motivates children and supports moms in raising their children. Moms just need to confer with the House Fairy concerning the surprises.


The House Fairy gets all the credit, but she also relieves Mom of being the bad guy. Want surprises? Behave and follow the rules.
Remember it is a one-time fee and you need only one program no matter how many children you have.


Could you do a house fairy on your own?   Yes.  It’s not a complicated concept. But having some external support has advantages. Just like you “do” Santa and have reinforcement in various forms.  So why might you consider purchasing instead of doing it on your own?

Because you get help promoting the ruse!
For $24.85 you receive access to Mom’s Toolbox, full of helpful tools, like:
  • instructional, entertaining and inspiring videos.  I liked that some of the videos were not “lessons,” so the kids always wanted to watch.
  • a plan for mom to follow to best implement the program.  Your kids will get to know Fairyland and several of its magical creatures.  They’ll also meet another family whose child is learning how to clean up.  These videos help your child learn those basic tidying skills!
  • printable tools, such as chore charts and reward tickets
  • a personalized page for your kids that can be accessed from a pc, tablet, or mobile phone at home or on the go.
  • the ability to send in before and after photos of their room, increasing their pride in a job well done.
  • lifetime access (for real – I just logged into my account after all these years.  My girls gasped and yelled out in joy, “Oh!  It’s the House Fairy!”)
  • one fee per family.  Go ahead, have as many kids as you like!  They can ALL enjoy the fun!
AND you get help with MORE than just room cleaning.  The House Fairy also helps with other chores, manners, and YOUR parenting.


The House Fairy will help you reduce your nagging, yelling and parenting stress.  If you find yourself dreading taking your kids out, let the House Fairy help.


We used the program for a year or two.  I had my kids “call” her out the window when they REALLY wanted her to stop by.  They still fondly remember opening their windows to yell, “We’re ready, House Fairy!”  Did my kids keep perfect rooms from then on?  No.  But the rooms were much better and the kids knew how to tidy and they had the skills needed.  As they got older, our need for the House Fairy naturally decreased.


But to this day, they have wonderful and happy memories of the House Fairy.  They reminisce about her together!


I, too, have fond memories of our days with the House Fairy and am happy to warmly recommended this tool to families needing a little help with keeping kids’ rooms tidy!  It’s fun and it works.

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