Homeschool Planet review – is this organizer and planner right for you?

everything you need to organize your home AND your home school!
PM Bottom Line: a great resource, especially if you’re homeschooling several children. Helps keeps lessons and progress organized, as well as track attendance and keep records. Take advantage of the free trial!


I used this the last year I had three kids homeschooling. I found it really helpful but chose not to renew because:
1. Overseeing two kids seemed way easier than three.
2. It was slightly glitchy for me. And that could have just been me. I WAS able to use it from the ipad or laptop or the desktop, but sometimes making updates was more time consuming than I wanted. This has likely improved in the three years since.
3. I still used this with paper, because I used it to make daily lists for the kids to check off their tasks. I moved to a white board/erasable paper method.


And a Con that did NOT impact my decision, but you should know about:
There’s a lot of work up front. You have to load a lot of info. But once you do it makes assignments much easier!
bckgtu444_r9156_f182PROs that I did really love:
1. Customer service was great. When I did hit a glitch, they were helpful!
2. It keeps a nice record of what’s been done daily.
3. It was so easy to assign work and to schedule those things I wanted to do weekly or so, but always ended up forgetting. Once I plugged it in, I didn’t have to remember. Homeschool Planet remembered for me.
4. It was easy to print off daily checklists for each kid. You can email them, have texts sent or print on paper.
5. It was super easy to RESCHEDULE things that we didn’t get to or got booted by other activities.
6. It can be used across several platforms.
7. FREE TRIAL. So you can check it out, see what’s involved, use the checklists, and get a really good feel for how it works before committing.


And a PRO I didn’t use but that is really cool is that if you use some of the popular curricula out there, Homeschool Planet is already set up to make assignments based on their lesson plans! This includes ThinkWell, IEW (review coming, eventually!), Saxon Math and more. This will eliminate MUCH of that up front work mentioned above. So if you use one of those programs, definitely give Homeschool Planet a look.


There are many more features I didn’t mention (shopping lists, meal planning, calendar syncing). Go read up about them (or watch the helpful video) and see if this might be a good fit for you. While I did not continue to use it, the year I used it, I did so consistently and it was very helpful. I had to debate continuing because it had some great features.


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