(Home)School Helpers

Get your homeschool and school kids organized and stay that way with these tools!

Don’t have time to watch?  Most tools are referenced in the list below, plus a few extras.


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TRELLO IS FREE and so very useful.
Ramp up quickly on Trello with the Organize Your Life with Trello course.

My digital “filing cabinet” is EVERNOTE. It’s also free.

Thinkwell and CTC Math are reviewed in detail here.

Online thrifting rocks. ThredUp and Swap.com are reviewed here.   And check out the ThredUp goody box option.

PlantoEat keeps me sane and my family well fed.  Here’s my review.  

My Freezer Meal Club Course and Ebook, plus the top ten foods EVERY organized mom needs in her freezer.

Homeschool Buyer’s Co-op – best prices on all curricula.

Homeschool Planet (get it? Plan It?!).  My full review to help you decide if it’s right for your family.  

Institute for Excellence in Writing.  I’ve used several programs from IEW.

Shmoop.  Huh?

Oh! My Planner Pad! I didn’t mention this but I should have!

Spelling City.

Touch-Type Read and Spell.  Full review of this typing tutor used to help my struggling speller.

Clothing allowance article.  Might help you if you, like me, do not enjoy the shopping process.  And want your kids to be wise spenders.

My Efficient Kitchen review.  Make sure you aren’t wasting time in your meal prep.

Added in 2019:

Artful Agenda – my new favorite planner. The only thing that tempted me to stray from the Planner Pad.

Epicure – easy, HEALTHY meal kits and mixes to make feeding your family easy.  Let your KIDS use these and cook for you!

What are the Top 10 Foods All Organized Mamas Keep in the Freezer?
If you have these, you'll NEVER be stuck at mealtime again.
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