Gadget Toys That Will Get Kids Outdoors

Many of today’s kids are hooked on gadgets. Getting them away from screens and controllers and encouraging them to play outside can seem impossible. But what if there was a compromise? What if there was a way to get kids outdoors while appealing to their love of their gadgets? Some of the following outdoor gadget toys could do just the trick.

Remote-control car

Remote-control cars have been a popular toy for generations. Of course, the remote-control cars of today are a lot more advanced than older models – some of the top-end toys are capable of speeds of 35mph and are capable of landing massive jumps without breaking. If your kids love cars, such toys could be great for getting them outdoors. Check out this list of budget-friendly RC cars for kids.

And even if your kids DO NOT love cars (my three girls didn’t give them much thought) there are remove vehicles for every style and taste that might spark interest, from sparkles to their favorite doll theme.

Remote-control helicopter

Another fun remote-control toy to consider is a remote-control helicopter. These are great toys for kids 12 and up who may be too young for a drone. Kids are likely to want to go to the park just to fly these toys. RC helicopters can vary in price – generally it’s best to go for something mid-range so that you can ensure it won’t be too flimsy or too complex to fly.


For kids that haven’t got smartphones yet, walkie-talkies are a fun gadget to use outdoors. They can be used in games of hide and seek or they could be used to play tactical water fights. Walkie-talkie sets tend not to be too expensive compared to many other gadget toys. Shop around for walkie-talkies online to find the best discounts.

I remember LOVING these way back when I was a kid and my own kids loved them, too. One Christmas they spent ages outside, despite the cold, testing them out.

Bubble machine

This is a great gadget for young kids. Most young kids love bubbles, but often aren’t able to blow them yet A bubble machine allows you to create bubbles without having to blow them nonstop yourself. On top of stationery bubble machines, you can buy handheld bubble guns which kids may enjoy. Bubble war, anyone!?

AR stargazing viewer

This one’s a bit of a niche toy, but one that most kids will want to try. Omegon has released an AR stargazing viewer toy called the ‘Personal Planetarium’. It consists of a headset, which is connected to an app. The headset allows you to look up at the stars and identify constellations and objects in the sky using AR technology. It could be a fun toy and great learning tool for any budding astronomers.

AR bow and arrow

The AR bow and arrow is a bow and string without any physical arrows. Instead, you get to shoot virtual arrows – you place a phone on a holder at the front of the bow and, using a camera app, you’re able to fire arrows at various AR monsters. So arrows won’t get lost or cause unwanted destruction, plus it brings in a fun gaming element.

I would LOVE to hear if you have any favorite gadgets or games that get kids outside and MOVING!

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