FREE Knife Skills Class – for you AND your kids

I make no secret that I think Katie at Kitchen Stewardship is great.  You know what I also think is great?  Getting your kids involved in the kitchen.  Yeah, life skills and all that.  But really – when they do more in the kitchen, I can do less!  Or at least do other things and be MORE PRODUCTIVE with my kitchen/cooking time.  And this is an awesome deal!

For two weeks only, you can get 3 free classes from the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse. Watch one with your kids like a regular class and polish your own skills with the other two (they’re just for adults). 

 What you’ll learn in these short videos:

  • Basic knife skills and techniques for kids age two to teen
  • Mastery of the three safe ways to hold food while cutting
  • How child development impacts your child’s readiness to learn new skills
  • The #1 mistake that destroys your chance of enjoying time in the kitchen with your kids
  • A tested 3-step process for teaching kids in the kitchen so young cooks learn basic skills the right way

They’ll all disappear back into the course on Nov. 2, so sign up now and plan some time to work with your kids in the kitchen – you’ll be amazed at what they can do!


The 3 videos are:

1.      Knife Skills Training for Kids

2.      Adult Tips: Challenges You Might Encounter

3.      The Biggest Mistake Parent Make

Get the 3 free videos here.

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