Free Essential Oils from Jade Bloom (plus review)

PM Bottom Line:  if you like a good deal (free!) and have a little time to spend, you’ll get $32 worth of essential oils or other products for completing the Jade Bloom University course.

I have had a complicated relationship with essential oils.  There’s a part of me that’s an herbal medicine purist. I have tea blends and tinctures I made myself and use and love.  But getting the kids to take them is not always easy. And my kids are at the age where, in many cases, mom will suggest but not force.  And essential oils are SO EASY.  They are simple to apply with minimal prep.  You gotta give ’em that!

My high schooler has been surrounded by sickies all winter long and has not gone under yet.  This is quite different from the past two years, her first in school, which really tried her immune system.  This year she has been DILIGENT about using essential oils and has been self motivated enough to do so independently.

I know there’s some controversy out there in this arena.  Ingest or absolutely not?  MLM or absolutely not?  How pure ARE they?  Which company is bad, better, best?  How are the herbs, spices, flowers, resins, etc. sourced?  Are they all basically the same?  And my own mom is a Young Living distributor and my friend Romelia is with Doterra.  There are lots of great options!

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I have a pretty good supply on hand here.  The last time I needed something specific, I just tagged one on to my Piping Rock order.  But I recently ran out of a blend specific for hormonal balance for women – especially women of, ahem, increasing wisdom!  And I stumbled across a similar blend at Jade Bloom.

I noticed they offer a way to get $32 worth of essential oils FREE.  Of course I had to delve further, as this would cover that oil blend.

Basically, you take their “course” on oils and earn store credit.  IF you take the entire course, you get $32 in credit.  So I did it.  And this is what I learned that might help you.

First, this plan is genius for them. You learn more about EOs, which will probably pique your curiosity about some of them, especially their blends.  Second, you’re on their mailing list.  You’re primed to become an informed and ready customer.  Hats off to them for this strategy, I say.

OK, let’s get you some free oils.  After signing up at Jade Bloom University, you start with a series of videos on EO basics, from what they actually are to how they’re produced to what to consider about oil ingestion.  Of course you’ll learn about Jade Bloom’s sourcing and production, as well.  After that there are video and text modules about their blends and then text only lessons on many different single oils.

I did learn from this course and found it balanced.  Jade Bloom did not trash talk any other companies, but instead gave information to help you know how to choose what is best for you.  The course discusses different certifications and labeling strategies and what they do and do not mean.

Going at a moderate pace, it took me about a week to complete everything.  I’d pick up the ipad when I had a few minutes.  I thought I could do the videos while cooking but I quickly learned that……

Yeah, they were no joke.  I couldn’t sort of pay attention.  Because you can’t pass unless you get 100%.  And if you don’t pass, you have to retake the ENTIRE quiz.  Ugh.

So a few tips I picked up.

+ (At least on the ipad) You can answer questions WHILE the video plays.  So answer as each topic is addressed.  You’re welcome.  That’s gonna save you some valuable time.

+ OR answer a few and then go back to where you left off in the text.

+ Not all the questions are addressed.  Some questions were confusing or not in the course material.  I can’t remember specifics right now, but that kinda bugged me.

So I finally passed everything and yes, indeed, I had the credits in my account!  Woohoo!  Let the shopping commence.  I filled my cart to $36.  And then I waited and you should, too!


Seems like most Tuesdays or Wednesdays they offer a free bottle of oil with any purchase of $12.  I wasn’t too keen on the first one offered while I waited.  But the next week they offered one I knew we’d use.  So I added it to my cart and wondered if I’d still get free shipping (offered on most orders) AND the free oil since I was using credit/points to pay and not cash.

I DID! For $4, I got my original order (three items), my free full sized oil and free shipping.  So I was a happy camper.  My order arrived a few days later and I’m quite pleased with everything.  Check it out!
Here’s my order. I got all of this for about $4 and free shipping.

If you’d like to try out an oil for free or for $32 less than retail (maybe one of those pricey ones?), visit Jade Bloom University, sign up and work your way through.  If spending time on that does not appeal to you, you can also just check out their offerings here.  They offer EO body products, deodorants, toothpastes, skin care and more.

If you do love EOs and are interested in earning an income, I do have a Young Living account and team. Feel free to contact me to learn more. I keep this up because I’m all about options!

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