My Efficient Kitchen Review

PM Bottom Line: If feeding your family stresses you out AT ALL, consider MyEfficientKitchen.  If you worry you’re sacrificing nutrition and health for time, check it out. If you struggle with chaos the hour before dinner, give it a look.  It’s just $10.

I love that meme with the woman lamenting that her family wants to eat every. single. night.

Why do they want dinner every single night?

I mean, you feel like this sometimes, right? RIGHT?!

 If you don’t go out to eat regularly, the non-stop prep, cooking, cleaning and planning can seem relentless. Well, it IS relentless.  As soon as you’re done with one meal, it’s time to get another one lined up! And sometimes it gets to me.  The truth is that I DO feel more peaceful and in control when I have a meal plan and do some advance prepping.  I just do. If I am wondering what meal is next, that is stressful to me.


So I’m always trying to work at least one meal in advance.  Plus snacks, ferments, cereal, beverages, yogurt, bread, etc.  The more you make at home, the more you need a plan to get it all done.  I used to teach a real life, in person menu-planning class where I showed how I worked in those needed tasks with a column for prep work (you can add prep notes in Plan to Eat – yay!). But I’m lucky in that HOW to work in that prep work comes pretty naturally to me.  I’ve never really had to explain how someone else should do it.


And now I don’t have to!  Erin Chase (the $5 meal lady and MyFreezEasy genius) has come up with My Efficient Kitchen. I previewed it and it’s GREAT for someone who feels lost in getting started with a menu and kitchen plan.  OR for someone who gets overwhelmed when they DO start a plan. Or for someone who feels like that hour before dinner is just CRAZY.
This class is just $10 and includes:
  • 11 short video lessons.  Short but to the point.  If you’re like me and it’s hard to find a long stretch of time to do online lessons, this one is easy to break down into short spurts.
  • an audio recording of a live workshop in case listening in the car is better for you
  • pdf worksheets
  • meal plans!
And more.
If feeding your family stresses you out at all, go check this out.  She uses some of the strategies that have always helped me keep on top of meal time.  And if you’re on top of meal time, you’re saving MONEY, TIME and your SANITY!!!

Feel like you do pretty well in the efficient kitchen department?  Me, too! I still got some good tips out of this and feel the recipes, especially for the make-ahead breakfasts and snacks were well worth the investment! I’m excited to start off the school year with a freezer full of grabbable breakfasts.

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