Beauty Hacks for Busy Moms

I’m a busy mama, not a beauty blogger.  But we all like to look and feel our best, right?  Well, I do – with the minimum required work!  So I asked my readers to share some of their best tips that help them look their best with ease.  This is a collection of those tips, in random order.  Feel free to share your tips in the comments.

This post may contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I might benefit in some way. Please feel free to check out the full affiliate statement and disclosure here.

A Frugal Facial for Busy Women a post from Debra of Mommy Makeup.  Her focus is streamlining your makeup routine: The BEST Beauty for Busy Women! Look Divine in Half the Time! FREE Shipping on ALL orders! Use this link and then look at the VERY top for $10 off and the “Send Us Your Selfie” button.  Do it!  Debra herself will recommend the best makeup match for you and you get $10 off.  She was right on for me and asked questions in order to make the best recommendations and offer advice.
Review coming soon!

Baking soda hair wash.  At least once a week I wash my hair with baking soda and follow with a vinegar rise.  I know not everyone loves the no ‘poo/low ‘poo approach, but I do!  It leaves my hair clean but not stripped – nice and soft.  Here’s my process:

  1.  put a tablespoon of baking soda into a cup. Fill cup with water.
  2. Pour over wet hair.  Scrub head a bit.
  3. Rinse.
  4. Put 1 tablespoon vinegar (I just use white, but ACV is great, too) in a cup.  Fill cup with water.
  5. Pour over hair.
  6. Rinse.

I promise you won’t smell like vinegar!

Multi-Use products – I’m a sucker for ’em! Here Beth with Maskcara gives you different ways to use Maskcara’s setting spray, which I do use regularly now.

From Andrea, the Mary Kay consultant I featured here:
My best beauty advice is to wear sunscreen every day. Even though fall is approaching and winter is around the corner, protect your skin with sunscreen that shields both UVA and UVB rays. Mary Kay has two:

PM COMMENT:  I have a sunscreen review here.

From Beckie, reader:
A few years ago I was having decision overload…just couldn’t make one. more. decision. One day my husband told me how sexy I looked in black and said “I wish you could wear black every day!” I stopped and said “Are you really serious?” He was like “Totally!” So I went to buy 10 black shirts…same style. So much easier to get dressed in the morning if I don’t have to decide what to wear!! I just vary the outfit with different jewelry or a vest or jacket when I go out! Hubby loves it! And nobody has ever noticed that’s what I do unless I’ve told them! Black can be dressy or casual, worn with jeans, dress pants or skirts. I love it!!

PM COMMENT:  Not everyone would like this, I know.  You ladies with lots of style sense who like to play with fashion would probably get bored?  But I’ve found a middle road.  I actually spent some time thinking about what I truly feel comfortable and confident in.  For me, that’s black, strong solids, stripes, and dots. I’ve admitted it to myself and don’t let myself get distracted by the other lovely fashion options out there.  So now my purchases are more streamlined and I’m fine with a simpler “uniform.”

Let someone else shop for you.  I was super impressed with my Goody Box from ThredUp.  I’ll let you read why and how efficient it was. I think it helped that I could specific about my basic “uniform” parameters (see above).  Of course, if you enjoy shopping, shop.  But if finding clothes that suit you is frustrating, consider one of the shopping services (StitchFix, Natalie Attired, Gwynnie Bee).

From Shalalie, reader:
Having my eyeliner tattooed on is the best beauty hack I have ever done. I just need a swipe of mascara and lip gloss or lipstick and I am ready to go.

I also go get my eyebrows done, it is usually under $15 with tip and they know what they are doing and it is quick and easy. I go every 6 weeks to two months.

PM Comment:  What?  This sounds totally extreme. Yet….I am intrigued.  Especially because when I wake up in the wee hours to teach with VIPKid, I don eyeliner before I get on camera.  Pros – time savings, perfect PERMANENT eyeliner!  Cons- permanent means it lasts a few years, not forever; costs a few hundred bucks, a week of swelling.  Ouch.

Low Cost Organic:
Sometimes, budget just doesn’t allow for the organic products of our dreams.  Sometimes we have to compromise.  In life, OFTEN we have to compromise.  And I’m not here to judge because I assume everyone is doing the best they can with what they’ve got (knowledge, time, money).  But here are some of my tips:

  • Check out Supersalve.  Not drug store prices, but not too bad.  Skincare, haircare and makeup.  The skincare is made locally (to me), using regional herbs.  I especially enjoy their Body Nurish Coconut Cleansing Milk, their Combo Cream (a combination of creams and lotions scraped from the bottom of the vats, so it’s cheaper)  and my acne-prone teen LOVES the Power Repair Green Clay Mask.
  • Skin by Nature products are NOT organic.  But the ingredient count is low and you can pronounce each one.  And they are cheap.  And I signed up as an affiliate to save 40% more.  There is now a $20 starter kit to purchase if you become an affiliate, so it may or may not be worthwhile for you.  The PM favorites from this company include:
    • conditioner!  We have a lot of hair over here.  Some of it curly.  The unscented version I use lists three ingredients.  Also great for shaving.
    • bar soaps.
    • Mary Jane and Butter lotion
  • Brandless.  I do not have much experience with this company yet, but they have certified organic face and body care products for $3 each.  They also have organic grocery and household items.  I will soon be employing MyPricebookApp to determine what products might come into the PM household and will share what I learn.
  • Do-it-Yourself. Many natural and organic products aren’t THAT hard to make.  But it takes time.  So evaluate your own priorities so you can spend your resources where you need them.  For me, baking soda shampoo is super cheap and easy.  Making my own conditioner – no, thanks!

Off Brand Fancy-Schmanzy ingredient potions – If you don’t have the budget for products with crazy initials and numbers, like DMAE, C Esters, Co-Q 10, alphas and acids, check out Piping Rock.  Some of these items get good reviews.

From Taran, reader:
Best beauty quick tip I have is to use a brow gel/mascara! Goes on in less than a minute and gives a huge impact to your look! Currently loving Brow Drama by Maybelline. 

Some links shared with me:

Nail strips (my review is here).  I do NOT sell these, folks.  But I love them.  They require no tools (except my thumbnail) and give me a pedicure that lasts over a month.  Manicures last 3 weeks on me, depending on what life is throwing at me.  I can have cute nails in just minutes.  I am still quite lazy, so while I could have a new look frequently, I tend to just set it and forget, rocking the same set for weeks and feeling just slightly more put together!

This post may contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I might benefit in some way. Please feel free to check out the full affiliate statement and disclosure here.


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