5 Little Signs You Might Need a Quality Contractor

DIY is a great way to save costs on home maintenance. However, there are some times when a quality contractor might be able to help you fix larger problems in your home. Here are five little signs to look out for that a quality contractor can help you solve.

Little Holes In Your Drywall

Drywall are panels used in ceilings or interior walls during construction. It is the surface that you usually paint over when decorating your home. If there are little, even, circular holes in your drywall, this could be a sign of termites or other pests in your home. Call a pest control service for more advice on removing termites. If you think your drywall is damaged rather than pest-ridden, give a local Drywall Repair company a call. They will be able to advise on repairs to cracks and dents in your drywall to avoid further damage to your drywall panels in future.

Slow Drains At Home

Are your drains filtering slowly? If your shower or bath takes a while to drain, this isn’t necessarily a concern. But if all your sinks take a long time for water to drain, this might be a sign of a blockage in the pipes. Give a plumber a call for assistance with drain blockages. There are even local drain unblockers that can come and clear the pipes for a cheaper fee. They may send a small camera down your house pipes to check for any blockage in the property.

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights at home might be a sign that your bulb needs replacing, or a sign that your electric voltage is dipping in your property. If there is a loose bulb, then the supply of electricity to the bulb will be intermittent, causing flickering. Check the light fitting as well to make sure it isn’t the cause of the issue. If one or more bulbs are flickering, this may be the sign of greater electrical problems in your home. Call an electrician as soon as possible for multiple or repeat flickering lights in your home.

Doors Won’t Close Properly

If your door won’t close properly, it’s likely there’s an issue with the latch that needs fixing. Repair this as quickly as possible to avoid the latch becoming permanently damaged and locking you in, or out, of a room. If multiple doors suddenly won’t close properly, there’s a chance that there might be other issues. One cause might be dampness or water in the home, causing the wood to expand. Call a specialist to rule out more serious causes like subsidence or water damage.

Your Floor Is Sloping

Have you noticed items rolling along your floor, or a slight tilt to the property? Older properties might develop a slight slope over time as a natural part of the house settling. However, there is a chance that the floor joists supporting the floor might have gone rotten and need reinforcing. Hire a structural engineer to determine the cause of the sloping floor immediately to avoid more serious issues and rule out dry rot or subsidence concerns.


More often than not, small issues at home are simply little maintenance issues that are easily repaired. However, calling a quality contractor can help put your mind at ease and help rule out more serious issues that might affect your property. Even if there are repairs required, at least getting someone to assess them as early as possible will stop problems from getting more serious over time.

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