2022 Planner Palooza Registration

Planner Palooza 2022 was a SUCCESS! Thanks to all who joined us!

Registration is now closed. For similar events in the future, please sign up for the Productive Mama newsletter from this or any other page on the website.

2022 Planner Palooza runs January 10-14 with a combination of live and recorded events designed to help you plan the 2022 you want and need.  Join Amylee Udell, the Productive Mama, and Teri Brauer, your Planner Guru, plus featured guest, Stephanie O’Dea, New York Times best-selling author, certified life coach, and host of the Slow Living podcast, for five free and value-packed sessions:

  • “How to Actually USE your Planner in 2022” Live workshop on Zoom, replay available.  Join Amylee and a few friends at her home as Teri shows us how to actually USE your planner and use it WELL!
  • “Planning to Slow Down this New Year?” with Stephanie O’Dea and Amylee.  Amylee mines Steph’s experience to learn WHY we need to consider slowing down and how to do it. Guess what? It takes some planning!
  • “22 Things to do in 2022” with Teri will showcase 22 things you want to see, do, have, experience and enjoy while balancing your busy lifestyle.
  • “Planning your Meal Planning” with Amylee. Live workshop, replay available.  It’s easy to say “I’ll meal plan this year” but how can you actually DO IT this time?!  I’ll show you how in the workshop I’ve been holding for over ten years that makes this task realistic for any personality or planning style!
  • “Self Care is NOT Selfish” with Teri. WHY you need it and HOW to make it happen in 2022.