CardNow – the mini gift closet busy moms need

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I’m so excited to share this with you because I so wish I had this earlier in my mom life!!! And especially as my girls’ friends started graduating from high school.

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From the CardNow website: “CardNow gives you a stockpile of your own inventory of inactive, ready-to-load gift cards for a select set of stores and restaurants. Each gift card in your inventory can be paid for and activated on-demand from the CardNow mobile app. Never again be without the right card, the right amount, at the right time.”

CardNow allows you to have a stash of gift cards that you don’t have to activate until you NEED. And you can decide at that time how much you want to load on each card. You will always have a gift on hand for planned and unexpected occasions. No more running to the store at the last minute or buying a pack of five cards when you just need three. Whether you are a regular mom or a business with a rewards program, you get maximum flexibility. Using a smart phone app, you can easily activate just one card or 15, for a few bucks or quite a few more.

With a CardNow Starter Box, you can choose 25 cards in sets of five. For $12.99 you get a sturdy storage box that keeps everything organized and includes the instructions when you’re ready to load your cards. The CardNow Start Packs let you choose two sets (10 cards) for free. You’ll pay shipping and handling (currently $5.99) and can have up to 15 cards in your stash at any time.

The convenience of having a compact gift closet like this rocks! For the holidays, yes. But also ANY time of year. I do have a gift closet and when the girls were younger, it saved my budget and my sanity. As they’ve gotten older, they’ve rejected my stash more and more. Mom’s choices just aren’t cool enough, I guess. I have to admit that even my own kids now prefer gift cards, no matter how much I fight giving in to them. So, for my first order, I had my 13 year old help me choose which cards we got, keeping her friends and potential gift recipients in mind. Check out my video to see what’s included in the Happy Teen cards we got!

And now to the quick list of PROs and CONs:


  • Compact. I keep this right next to my greeting and thank you cards.
  • Nice, sturdy storage box, which also includes little sleeves/envelopes.
  • I can choose my amounts! I love this feature. It’s flexible on your budget.
  • Perfect for when you want PHYSICAL gifts, even at last minute. Emailed gifts are fine, but sometimes you want something tangible.
  • Cool enough for my teenagers.
  • A variety of offerings: Amazon, Kohls, Chili’s, Cold Stone, Columbia, Panera,, Sephora, Lowe’s, Red Lobster and a ton more.
  • Loyalty program. You can earn points for every CardNow gift card you activate & load, $1 loaded = 1 point earned. You redeem you points for Amazon gift cards.
  • FREE refills! That’s right. When you are ready for more cards, you just order more. For free. You don’t pay for them until you load them.


  • You’ll support huge corporations and not small businesses. I’ll always encourage you to support your local places, especially in the pandemic/post-pandemic era. But sometimes these popular spots just fit the bill. Especially when your recipient is in another part of the country. And keep in mind that I am a small biz and so is CardNow!
  • You MUST have an app. If you are not a smart phone person, this just won’t work for you 😞

A few more notes

After you order, you’ll have a slight delay until you get your account. Wait patiently for your password in an email and then you can get and log into the app. It’s smooth sailing from there.

This is so perfect for small business owners, direct sellers, and bloggers, as well! You always have a prize on hand for a quick contest or a way to show appreciation to a customer. I know my kid’s orthodontist has a rewards program to encourage compliance. And I’ve done my own blog contests and giveaways. You could get so creative with CardNow! I love having this option in my reach now.

To see how easy it is to use CardNow, check out their YouTube channel here.

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