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Pantry Challenge Helpers – why do a pantry challenge?

K.C. in Abq:  Your pantry challenge has been a blessing to me. I will be able to do all of my holiday baking and meals for family and friends WITHOUT going to the grocery store. I will only need some fresh fruits and veggies for the next month and maybe longer.  We are able to donate $300 to families living in hotels to help with them with groceries.  Thank you!
Pantry Challenge Helpers    
Pantry Challenge Step-by-Step GuideGuides you through every step of preparation and the actual challenge. Perfect if you've never done a challenge before!Pay What You Want (PWYW)
Pantry Challenge Inventory WorksheetHelps you sort through your inventory, divided by food type. Helps make meal planning EASYPWYW
Pantry Challenge Flexible Menu Planner and examplesA truly flexible menu planner that can be used for a week OR a month in various ways. PWYWfaded_menu
Pantry Challenge - Get Started PackALL of the above materials. Perfect for someone who is new to Pantry Challenges and is a struggling meal plannerPWYW